To begin at the beginning…

Welcome to my little place on the internet!

Thank you for taking time to stumble across my blog and read this post where I shall be introducing myself as you most likely have no idea who I am.

As the header of this blog shows, my name is Indi Arden Stilling and I included my middle name because it just sounds so much cooler. I have decided to start a blog because why not?! I am currently on my summer holiday which means I have so much spare time that I’m bored out of my mind because there’s nothing remotely interesting to do that doesn’t cost money.

I am 16 and have just finished secondary school. Therefore I am starting college in September which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Now that I have introduced myself, I feel as though I should tell you a few things about myself:

  • I may be 16, but I am absolutely obsessed with anything Disney and High School Musical related. This results in me and my friends (they are like me too) spontaneously bursting out into song anywhere we go and it’s just great!
  • This is kind of random but very important at the same time. I am a very strong believer being yourself and I also think that people need to stop caring about what others think about them. This could be in the clothes you wear or the way you act because people should love you for who you are and not who you’re trying to be (I will probably rant about this in another post)
  • I am a MASSIVE book worm! I currently have approximately 120 books, most of which I haven’t read but yet I still I continue to buy more… I’m really hoping to include lots of posts about my favourite books on this blog.
  • Finally I am aspiring to do something along the lines of fashion and photography in the future as I am very passionate about them and I like to be creative, hence why I am choosing to study both photography and textiles at college in September.

I’m gonna be honest and say that I have no idea what I would like to blog about so for the next couple of months they shall be very random. When I say this I mean that there will a variety of topics on this blog such as fashion and beauty as well as books and films and I would also love to showcase some of my art and photography.

As it’s the holidays I will probably try my absolute best to post something every other day or every few days depending on what I’m up to.

After reading this introduction and you have any questions then feel free to ask them and if you have any post ideas then I am open to suggestions



4 thoughts on “To begin at the beginning…

  1. wait. i’m 16, just like you. im obssesed with hsm and disney, just like you. i LOOOOVE books, just like you. im into photography, just like you. are we the same person? haha /KM


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