Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit

Contouring is a very important step in every persons make up routine, because who doesn’t want to look as though they have cheekbones like Angelina Jolie’s (actual goals).

This is my very first product review and I selected this contour kit from Seventeen as it’s my most recent beauty purchase. In the future I shall do reviews on products that have recently been released and I’m certain that this came out this year.

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The Define & Conquer contour kit contains a dark and a light shade, so the darker one is to define the face and the lighter one is to illuminate. Overall I am not in love with this product but I do like it; it’s not something I will immediately grab when doing my make up as I have other products that I like to use to contour (it made sense in my head). Also, as far as I know, this palette only comes in one set of colours.

Firstly I have to talk about the packaging because I think that it’s amazing! I have heard a lot of other people say that it looks just like the Nars packaging (not that I would know because I don’t own anything from them). It’s very small and slim which makes it perfect for travelling and to put in your make up bag. In addition, in the box that it came it, it had a small piece of paper describing how to use the product and where to apply each of the shades. This is very useful for those who are new to make up. It finally contains a mirror in the lid which is the perfect size.

Now onto the actual product. Both of the shades are matte which in my opinion is quite nice because it creates a more natural look, which is what you want when contouring.

The shade for defining is a light brown as you can see from the pictures and for my skin toneΒ it is absolutely perfect because I have incredibly fair and pale skin. It’s actually not that pigmented which allows you to build up the colour depending on how dark you want it. I love how this looks because it does look natural and it’s super easy to blend which means that it doesn’t look like you’ve just drawn a line under your cheekbone.

On the other hand I’m not such a big fan of the illuminating shade and that is due to my skin tone. This is because I am so pale that when applied, it makes no difference at all and I can’t notice a change. My face doesn’t look anymore illuminated like the box says it should. Another reason for this could be because it is a matte powder, and it’s kind of hard to explain why, but I am a massive fan of shimmer highlighters which shows up in the light but matte products don’t. Finally like the darker shade, it’s not that pigmented which would again explain the reasoning for it not showing up.

So to conclude, the product itself is great and I would definitely recommend it. However I don’t love it because of my skin tone, and if they released different shades for different skin tones then I may like it even more. For those with paler skin, this may not be the product for you.

Because this is my first product review, I don’t know if it’s any good as I honestly have no idea what I am doing but I’ve tried my best. I would be much appreciated if any of you could give me feedback on how I’ve done.


What’s your go to contour palette?
If you own this, what’s your opinion on it?
What products shall I review next?





6 thoughts on “Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit

  1. I use this product religiously when doing my makeup! I love it so much, especially because I am quite pale. Sleek’s Face Contour Kit Medium is also really good as well that you should try πŸ™‚

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