Small Shopping Spree

This has got to be the first time that I’ve been shopping and hardly bought anything.

I recently went to Exeter to go shopping and although I bought very little, I am very happy with my purchases. I went with one of my friends and we ended up sharing a box of 20 chicken nuggets from McDonalds and we worked out that we each ate about 400 caloies worth of chicken nuggets… Who needs a beach body right?!


T-shirt dress in grey – H&M
I am not one to where dresses so I thought I would try out a t-shirt dress and it was only £6.99. I also love how it looks when I tie a shirt around my waist and I’ve this checked shirt for ages. I am also aware that it is kinda short so I will definitely where shorts underneath it.

Crop tops in blue and maroon – Topshop
They were having an offer where these are £10 for the both of them which is really good so I just had to get them. There was loads of colours to choose from but these were the only 2 that stocked my size but I love the colours and I shall be wearing them lots with high waisted shorts and trousers.


Make Up:

NYX is a brand that I have never bought anything from before because I could never find any products from them in drugstores but from watching too much YouTube I found out that their stands have been popping up in Boots. They have a very larg variety of products and it’s very affordable.

Soft matte lip cream in 19 Cannes – NYX
I only usely wear lipsticks but I was very interested to try out something different and I am absolutely in love with this colour as it’s a pink/nude shade. I’ve only worn it once so I can’t review it yet but I have to say that this smells AMAZING! It literally smells like sweets and was £5.50

Retractable eye liner in Deep Purple – NYX
I am starting to be more blod with my make up so I decided to pick up a purple eye liner. What I loved most about this was that it’s not a eye liner pencil because I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t using pencils because I can never find a good sharpener and it’s hard to do eyeliner with a blunt pencil. This was only £5.




Purple hair dye – Schwarzkopf
I have always wanted crazy coloured hair and I tried to dye it blue the other week but my natural hair colour is dark brown so it didn’t take the colour. Therefore I decided to buy some stuff from a different brand (this costs $5.50) that says it works on darker hair. I shall  be posting about something related to this very soon, so look out for that post!


What purchases have you made recently?
Have you ever decided to dye your hair a crazy colour?





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