July Book Club

This shall be a new series on my blog where each month I will share my top 3 books of the month with you.

Honestly I have only read 3 books (very nearly 4) this month which I am slightly disappointed in because I was hoping to read a lot more. I have so much free time because I’m on my summer holiday but I haven’t been reading much so I shall make time for it next month.

I promise I won’t give any spoilers.



The Perks Of Being A Wallflower was the first book that I read this month after I saw it in the charity shop and I absolutely had to get it because this is probably my favourite film of all time. It’s about a boy named Charlie who is starting high school and his experience of trying to make friends and fit in whilst also dealing with a mental health issue that is explained in more detail in the book compared to the film (this is why the film is slightly confusing).

I am the sort of person who much prefers the books over the film but I saw the film way before reading the book and therefore I think I prefer the film. However that does not mean I didn’t enjoy reading this because I loved it. It’s quite a short book so it didn’t take me long to read it, in fact I read whilst on the train and it’s also one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. It is set out like a diary and therefore the main character, Charlie, goes into a lot of detail about how he is feeling and the past which wasn’t shown in the film. The film doesn’t go into a lot of detail and I’m glad I got to the read the book because it explained things that I was curious about. One thing I really liked is that there were parts that I could relate to because I think I am going into Americas equivalent to high school (I don’t know how it all works).

I’d definitely recommend this if you like books about teens in high school because that’s what this is but there is other complications involved, which is why I loved it Β because it’s not your usual cheesy teen high school book, it’s different. I would also recommend watching the film after reading it but it may end up making you cry because even though I’ve seen it about 5 times, I cry every time.



Next up is Life Of Pi which you’ve probably heard of because it was turned into a film a few years ago. It is based on an Indian boy who ended up stranded on a boat with a bengal tiger and it explains how he survived in this boat until they reached land. Like every story there was plenty of things that went wrong and solutions to problems.

This is a long book and it took me quite a long time to read but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I saw the film when it came out, so quite a while ago and I remember really loving it and from what I can remember of the film it is very similar to the book (because usually they change a lot of things). However one thing I wasn’t so keen on was that the first half of the book was about the boy, Pi, and his life in India and basically his history. Β It’s not until halfway through the book where he finally ends up on the boat with the tiger and I think that because I’ve seen the film which condensed the history, this is slightly annoying because you want to jump straight into the action. If you have never seen the film then this probably wouldn’t bother you. It’s a real page turner because you want to find out what the next problem is that Pi will encounter and also what will happen between him and the tiger.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves reading books that are very surreal and different to other plots as this is a very unique story and there is some really beautiful imagery which allows you to really picture what it was like out in the middle of the ocean.



Finally I’ve recently finished reading On The Road which is an old book that is quite famous, in fact it’s briefly mentioned in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. As you can see this book is kinda battered because it is very very old as it belongs to my Dad who took it around the world with him. It is about a guy called Sal and his best friend Dean and their many adventures travelling around America together. My Dad always says that this inspired him to travel and I have to agree because it is a very inspiring book.

This took me so long to read because it’s lot longer than it looks and I loved reading it the other week when it was 31 degrees celsius here in England. I like to read books about people who have travelled and their stories so I knew that I was going to love this and I really did. I must admit that parts where confusing because there’s so many people and so many names to remember and places to remember. I think over all that this book features 4 road trips around America with Sal and Dean as well as other people who join in, so you have to think when someone appears in the fourth road trip that you remember reading about 200 pages ago. I know that this book was written in one or a few sittings by Jack Kerouac, so the history of this book is very interesting but that means that some sentences you have to read twice to make sense of what’s going on. I am definitely going to read this again to make sense of it even more.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to read old books or anyone who loves to travel or would like to travel when they are older and I’m just gonna put it out here now that Β it will take you a while to read. I’m pretty sure this was made into a film but I haven’t seen it because as my Dad says it will probably ruin the book, so I probably won’t watch it.


Sorry for the long post but I had a lot to write and if you read until the end then well done! As I’ve already said this shall be a monthly series and I really hope that it something that you enjoy reading, I’d love to hear your feedback on this. I’ve never written book reviews before so this is probably not very good.

What books have you read this month?




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