July Favourites!

I can’t believe that July is already over. I can’t believe that I am half way through my summer holiday. And I also can’t believe it’s not butter! (I do make myself laugh)

Like my last post, this shall be a monthly installment where I share my beauty and other random favourites from this month, but I’m not gonna do favourite clothing items because I never really have any.

So July has been the most unproductive month because as you know I’m on my summer holiday and spend most days in my pyjamas and I haven’t left the house much, but oh well. I’ve also been blogging for nearly a month now and I’ve loved it! I’ve had such a positive response to my posts and I love to read all your really nice comments and to read other people’s blogs, so thank you so much for that!


First things first, I’m the realist (that will never get old). Seriously though, I am firstly going to show you my make up loves of the month and I do apologise for the awful state of my make up as all the writing rubs off where it has been in my make up bag.

  1. Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in 13 Vintage Rose which is a gorgeous nude shade that I wear most days. I love to wear bright and bold lipstick colours but if I’ve done a bold eye look then I prefer to wear this as it looks subtle. I am obsessed with Collection lipsticks because they last all day and they have some amazing colours; I have 6 of them.
  2. MUA Bronzer in shade 3 which is just your standard bronzer and this is also matte. Although I do own a contour kit, I usually just reach for this when doing contour and I honestly have no idea why, I just really like how it looks because it’s not too dark for my incredibly fair skin.
  3. Rimmel London Brow This Way, Brow Styling Gel which is an absolute life saver for me because otherwise my eyebrows would look a mess half way through the day. I got the clear one but I know they do other colours and this product is amazing. I’ve seen loads of other beauty gurus rave about this and I shall rave about it with them because this really does keep my eyebrows set all day.
  4. Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster Eye Liner (waterproof) which I use almost everyday because it has the perfect brush on it. This month I’ve been doing a winged eyeliner most days because why not and I’m getting pretty good at it and this has allowed me to kind of perfect it. It makes it so much easier to do and it now takes hardly any time. However I disagree with the fact that this says that it’s waterproof because my eyes water ALL the time and my eyeliner smudges so it’s not tear proof.
  5. Miss Sporty Cat’s Eyes Palette in 004 Mineral Earth and I don’t think they sell this anymore because I have had it so long as you can see. As I’m not very experimental with eyeshadow, I reach for this almost everyday and I love to do a smoky eye with it. The four shades are super shimmery and I love that but one thing I don’t really like is that it’s hard to use now because of the weird shape of it (which you can see in the picture). I tend not to use the white but I love the others.



Next up is other beauty related things.

  1. Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream which smells like heaven in a tub. I use this loads and it’s such a huge tub that it’s gonna take me forever to get through it which is good because honestly, this is not that cheap. But it’s worth it and all of their products are amazing so I’d highly recommend them. This leaves your skin smelling amazing and feeling amazing.
  2. Simple Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion which I have started using a lot more frequently because I’m trying to get into a skin care routine. Since I’ve been using this I have noticed that my face is a lot smoother and softer which is what it says it’s supposed to do. It’s quite a large bottle which means that it will take a while to get through which is also good. I am using other Simple products but I mainly use this one.
  3. Rimmel London Nail Polish in 501 Fancy A Dip? and you know what I don’t fancy a dip because it’s slightly cold and does not feel like summer at all. Anyway on a more positive note, I love the colour of this! It’s like a sky blue which is perfect for the summer. If you are looking for nail polishes that will last a long time before chipping then I would highly recommend Rimmel.



FinallyΒ are my very very random favourites!

  1. This Falling Star scented candle is from Primark and I actually got it for Christmas so you probably can’t get it anymore but holy guacamole it smells good. I am awful at describing scents so all I’m gonna say it that it kinda smells like vanilla and also the jar is super cute so I can use it afterwards. I love Primark candles because the packaging is adorable and they have such a large range of scents to choose from, oh and they’re super cheap.
  2. These sunglasses are also from Primark and they were only Β£2 or Β£3 (I don’t remember) but I just love them so much. In some ways they look like Ray Bans but they’re not so the chances of me braking these before the end of the summer is highly likely… Whilst wearing them they look like the Snapchat filter when swipe to right once (if that makes sense which it doesn’t).
  3. It’s not pictured but my favourite film of the month is Home which came out last year and is about aliens invading Earth and even though that sounds boring it’s actually hilarious! I’ve seen it twice because I loved it so much, and the soundtrack is amazing so if you’re looking for a funny cartoon pick me up film then this is it.


Sorry for another lengthy post but I have a lot to say, as per usual.

I’m really looking forward to August because I have so many exciting things planned that I will share with you guys and I’m also moving at the end of the month! So if you follow me on social media then you’ll be able to see the process of me moving which should hopefully be interesting to see.

I also have loads of posts prepared for August already as I’ve now figured out that I really want to do more fashion posts so I shall be sharing loads of my outfits as well some beauty Β product reviews. In addition because I am going to all of these new places I shall share my photos from them.


What have you been loving this month?
What exciting things have you got planned for August?
What are your goals for August?




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