Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! Clear Styling and Setting Gel

There is nothing better than getting free make up with a magazine, although it’s not technically free because you had to buy the magazine in the first place… But you get what I’m saying.

I am not one to buy magazines but I have a huge stash of fashion magazines that I’ve bought in the past. When I saw that this months edition of Marie Claire came with a free Benefit product I just had to buy it because I don’t own anything from Benefit and it was not that expensive (the magazine). In the future I shall definitely be looking out for more free make up products in magazines that I can review.

If you weren’t aware, Benefit have released a huge range of brow products and this is included in that range. This is a clear brow styling and setting gel and there are other brow styling gels in the range but they all have different wands.

This is the travelled sized one as it is half the size of the original and would normally cost Β£9 for 3.5ml and the normal 7ml costs Β£18.50. In my opinion this is too expensive and I would not pay that much cause I’m only 16 with no job. The one I got is the perfect size and fits easily into my make up bag without taking up loads of space.

Firstly I want to mention the packaging because it is the cutest thing ever and if there was a competition for best packaging, I would definitely put Benefit in the top 3. I also love how it comes in a box because it keeps it clean because otherwise (for me) it would become covered in other make up pretty quickly. The actual tube itself is adorable (never thought I’d use that word to describe make up) because it looks like a mini chess piece.

Moving swiftly on, I am going to next talk about the wand. So it has two sides, one with long bristles and one with short bristles. You can use this product however you like but it recommends that you use the long bristles to coat the brow hairs from the root to the tip and then short bristles are used to sculpt and set them in place. This is how I personally use it and it works really well. Because of the long bristles it allows you coat all of the hairs as opposed to just the tips because I have long eyebrow hairs so I can make sure they’re all set in place. Then the short bristles are used to ensure they’re all facing the same way and are shaped however you wanna shape your eyebrows.

Finally onto the actual gel itself which is amazing and I love this product. If you read my July favourites then you would have seen that I loved the Rimmel Brow This Way styling gel but I bought this after writing that post and I much prefer this now. It says that it is supposed to last 24 hours and I can’t say if that’s true because I haven’t tested it and am not planning on but I can safely say that it lasts at least 10 hours which is perfect. This stuff is literally like glue and once you’ve applied it, the hairs won’t be budging until you remove it. Towards the end of the day when my make up is starting to smudge, my eyebrows are still on fleek and they look that same as they did in the morning. As you can see the photo I fill in my eyebrows (cause I hate my natural ones) and this even ensures that the powder I use to fill them in stays put all day.

Over all I love this product but as per usual there is a couple of very small things that I don’t like so much. I don’t like how it makes your eyebrows go really hard and when you touch them it feels weird, however I am well aware that there’s nothing that can be done about it because that’s the only way they will stay put. Secondly and finally is that when I am applying it after I’ve filled them in, it removes some powder that I’ve just used to fill them in. Therefore I usually have to fill them in a little bit again after using the gel. Again there’s nothing that can be done about this. These are tiny things I dislike and I’m just being picky.


What is your favourite eyebrow styling/setting gel?
Do you prefer to fill in your eyebrows or go au natural?




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