Glitter, Flowers and Rainbows

Any excuse to wear glitter on your face is a good one.

I apologise for not posting in a while but at the weekend I went to Brighton for the Pride Parade and my next post shall be photos from that as I have about 400 to sort through!

My outfit for the parade wasn’t the most colourful as my wardrobe is mostly monochrome (whose wardrobe isn’t…) but I went all out for the rainbow paint and glitter! It was so hot on Saturday so shorts were definitely necessary and I had to pile on the suncream so that I didn’t get sunburnt; people with fair skin will feel my pain. After the parade we went to Brighton beach and photo credits to my friend Lydia and Erin for taking pictures of my outfit, so thank you guys πŸ™‚


Snapback – Vans
Crop top – Topshop
High waist shorts – Topshop (but I got them from the charity shop)
Choker and necklace – New Look
Earrings – Accessorize
Socks – Primark (yes they are Harry Potter ones)
Baseball boots – Primark (but I got them from the charity shop)
Shirt – (My Dad gave it to me and it’s from Thailand)
Backpack – Paperchase


I bought my Pride wristband while I was there and my arm is the palest of the four of us…


This was the rainbow heart that I painted on my leg that can still be faintly seen on my leg as it can’t wash it off properly.



What fun trips have you taken recently?
Did anyone go to the Brighton Pride Parade this weekend?




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