Brighton Pride 2016!

Seeing other people happy makes me really happy and on Saturday there was not one sad person in Brighton.

This is third consecutive year that I have been to a pride parade (Brighton last year and Manchester the year before) and it’s one of my favourite days of the year. I always go with my Mum and this year I also took 3 friends who absolutely loved it as well!

Once we’d used a lot of glitter and rainbow paint to make ourselves look even more fabulous, we stood on the curb outside the Brighton Pavilion to take our place for the parade. The parade lasted about 2 hours and everybody had a smile on their face and had such amazing outfits and make up. They were chucking loads of sweets into the crowd and I also got a couple of rainbow flags.

I’m certain that Brighton is one of the biggest pride parades in Britain and although a lot of the floats/ groups of people were the same as last year there were a lot of new groups. I had such an amazing time and I took about 400 pictures just of the parade! I wanted to share with you today some of my favourites and I know they’re not the best photographs that I have taken but it’s hard to take them when the people are constantly moving.

As you can see the weather was amazing, I wish we had one of those rainbow umbrellas so that we were in the shade! There were a lot of powerful messages/ quotes about such as “Love is a human right” which is one of my favourites. Another one that me and my friends liked was “Some people are gay. Get over it” which was seen on a lot of peoples t-shirts.

One of the main reasons that I love Pride is because it’s about celebrating love and everybody is so happy and no one is discriminating anyone. It’s one of those things that I feel as though everybody has to go and watch at least once in their life.



Have any of you been to Brighton Pride before or a pride parade?




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