Let’s Go To The Beach

As Nicki Minaj said in her song that has nothing to do with beaches, “Let’s goΒ to the beach, each. Let’s go get away”.

On Sunday, day after the Brighton Pride Parade, we went to Eastbourne where we went in the sea despite it being freezing cold and once again Lydia, Erin and Ellie took some great pictures of my outfit so I thank them very much! Eastbourne is very close to Brighton and unlike Brighton the beaches are much more secluded and have much less people on.

I went for a very casual outfit and I knew that it would be cold so I opted for jeans instead of shorts and I know that I’ve featured my baseball boots a lot but they’re the only shoes I packed for the trip. I am obsessed with these boyfriend jeans so much so I’m sure that you will be seeing these a lot in the future.

Top – H&M
Boyfriend jeans – Topshop
Shirt – (My Dad gave it to me)
Socks – Primark
Baseball boots – Primark (I bought them from a charity shop)
Choker – Topshop
Necklace – New Look
Bracelet – (Bought at the Pride Parade)



What outfits do you like to wear to the beach?




17 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Beach

  1. Love the shoes! How much were they? Charity shop finds are the best. I recently bought a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a button up cropped shirt and a pair of sunglasses for under a tenner, gonna write a charity shop haul blog post soon because I am still amazed by it ha! Fab outfit and lovely make-up. Sarah x

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