Blogger Recognition Award

I can’t believe that this blog has been nominated for another award and so soon after the last one!

I have honestly never heard of this award before but I’m gonna assume that it’s about recognising smaller and newer bloggers. I was nominated by and you should definitely check out their blog as it’s amazing, so thank you so much to them for actually nominating me! It definitely came as a surprise.



  1. Write a post to show your award
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  3. Give a story about why you started blogging
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  5. Nominate 15 other blogger/blogs for the award


Why I started blogging?

I only started blogging about a month and half ago and I just wanna say that it’s been an amazing time and I’m so happy with all of the feedback that I’ve gotten. Thank you guys!

Anyway I started to blog because I had a lot of spare time because it is currently my summer holidays. I have always wanted to blog because I enjoy writing and I really want to get into the fashion business, so I thought why not start a fashion blog? I like to think that I have a different sense of style,  because I like to be different, and I like to share it with people and reading other fashion blogs gives me loads of inspiration. I also include beauty reviews because those who know me, know that I absolutely love to wear make up. It also gives me an excuse to buy new make up because then I can review it for you guys.


Advice to new bloggers

Be patient because it may take a while before people start reading your blog and commenting on your posts and also following you. I know this seems frustrating because you think that people aren’t interested in the things that you’ve been writing but the thing is, it takes a while for people to discover your blog and as soon as a few people comment and follow more and more people will join.

Secondly I believe that it is very important for you to be yourself and therefore you should write the posts that you would want to read and things that interest you because otherwise it’s similar to you being something that you’re not. It’s always handy to find out what people like to read but more importantly you need to remember that’s it’s your blog and therefore you can post what ever you want to write. If people don’t like it then ignore them because you should enjoy blogging and that it done by writing things you are passionate about and have a lot to say about.



When you read this post I will be in Reading and am spending the week after in Kent without my laptop so I’ve had to write this post in advance. Therefore I haven’t been able to nominate anyone because I wrote this in a rush and cause I don’t have my laptop I wouldn’t be able to tell those who I would nominate that I nominated them. I hope that makes sense and I apologise.



Why did you start blogging and what advice would you give to new bloggers?




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