Just A Child At Heart

Seeing as I watch Disney movies and High School Musical all of the time, I think that it’s fair to say I am still a child at heart despite being 16… But as Peter Pan says, “never grow up”

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, hence why my hair still looks slightly purple and it was cold then so I’m wearing a jumper and it was that cold that I was wearing a top underneath it. Recently I’ve been loving tucking jumpers into a pair of high waisted jeans and of course I have to wear my Doctor Martens because I wear them with everything. However I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in summer because your feet will literally roast because they’re leather so your feet get really hot.

I am obsessed with this jumper as much as I am obsessed with Disney (which is a lot) and I really want to get some more merchandise to wear so that I can express my love of Disney to the world. This super cute jumper was my Dad’s who got it from Disneyland California over 20 years ago so sadly I can’t tell you wear you can buy this because they probably don’t sell it anymore. But I know that Primark sell a lot of Disney related clothing so if you are looking for some then I would recommend looking there.

Jumper – Disneyland California
High waist jeans – H&M
Boots – Doctor Martens
Bracelet – (Charity shop but I don’t know where it’s originally from)

I hope you guys like to see what I’ve been wearing recently and also enjoy seeing me awkwardly pose against a wall in my back garden while my camer is carefully perched on top of a box.



What’s your favourite Disney film?
Is anyone else as obsessed with Disney and High School Musical as I am?




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