What Will You Do To Change The World?

When you first hear this question a million answers pop into your head.

Last July during a trip to London, me and my Mum stumbled upon a mini exhibition in the Southbank Centre along the River Thames. It was for the Fesitival of Love which I think (I’m not 100% sure) was in relation to the legalisation of gay marriage in America as it occured around July last year.

Anyway there was a table that had pieces of paper Β with the question “what will you do to change the world?” and members of the public had written their answers. I had completely forgotten about these photos but I found them the other day and I really wanted to share them with you because this is a very eye opening question.

What I love most about this question is that it’s asking “what will you do” as opposed to “what could you do”, so it’s encouraging people to go out and try and make a difference. It was very inspirational to read all of the things that people are going to do to change the world. I always hear people say that they want to make a difference in this world and I am no different because I love helping people and would love to make a difference.

I remember writing one but I don’t remember exactly what I wrote unfortunately. However if I were to answer that question then I would say something along the lines of telling teenagers to just be themselves instead of Β trying to be something their not because that’s what happens at school, people purposfully act diffferent which annoys me. You shouldn’t change (like your image etc.) just because somebody said something you should just be the best version of you that you can possibly be and be as happy as possible. If you look or act differently to other people then that doesn’t matter because it just shows your uniqueness and you should embrace that! In addition to all of this I would love to go out to a third world country and do lots of charity work to help those less fortunate than myself, so that’s something that I shall add to my ever increasing bucket list. Finally I will have courage and be kind to others as Cinderella would say.

In the comments I would really love to read about how you would answer this question and to start discussion about this with you guys.



What will you do to change the world?





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