Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara

I am all about that volume when it comes to mascara because who doesn’t want long, thick looking lashes?!

I have never worn fake lashes and would much rather opt for a voluminous mascara. I’ve been on the hunt for a good mascara for ages as my Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam is sadly running out and I’m not one to spend a lot of money on make up so I headed straight to the drugstore. If I actually had lots of money (I wish) then I would definitely get a Too Faced one or a Benefit one. I only own an eye shadow from Bourjois but when I noticed that this one was on offer, I thought I would try something different and buy it because I normally go for a familiar brand such as Collection.


Shop for it here!

When I looked on the Boots website (you can get it in Superdrug as well) it was Β£8.99 but if I remember correctly then I got it for Β£6.99 Β because it was on offer which in my opinion is a reasonable price for a make up product. I bought this a few weeks ago so I have obviously used it a lot and I have to say that it is worth the Β£7 I paid for it.

There really isn’t much to say about the packaging of this product because it looks very similar to every other mascara out there. It is quite a large tube because it’s not a travel sized one but I much prefer that because then it will last so much longer and I have always found that one tube of mascara will last me absolutely ages. Unlike concealer which I go through very quickly.

There are so many different types and shapes of mascara wands that I lose track of all of them and because I have bought very few mascaras in my lifetime I have no idea which ones are the best. So I apologise now for my lack of education on mascara. However I am a fan of the shape of this wand because the end of it is quite thin so it means that you don’t end up with it all over eye lid or the side of your nose.

Finally I have to say that the product itself is amazing by adding so much volume to my lashes. I like to think that I naturally have long lashes which is why I always look for products that will add volume. It is a very thick product which is why I feel as though only one coat is required, otherwise it would be impossible to remove. Speaking of removing it (very smooth transition) it is so easy to remove and doesn’t come out it clumps which I have had with previous mascaras and I absolutely hate that. I personally use make up wipes but I’m sure it will be just as easy to remove this make up remover. I also never put mascara onto my bottom lashes so I can’t review whether it’s a good product to use on your bottom lashes.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone and everybody out there! Unless you’re looking for a lengthening mascara because that is not what this is but if you’re all about that volume then head straight to the drugstore and pick this up.



What is your favourite volumising mascara?




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