Missoni at the Fashion & Textile Museum

Missoni is a high-end Italian fashion house founded in the 1950s that produces knitwear.

If you’re a fashion enthusiast then you will have most likely heard of Missoni however I hadn’t heard of them until I went to an exhibition at the Fashion & Textile museum in London to view it. I went because I went to a summer school there all about fashion illustration and sketchbooks but I shall save that for another post. We were given a guided tour and I learnt a lot about the people and the work they did.


The outfits that were on display came from the Missoni archives so they didn’t just come from one particular collection. In the pictures you can see that there’s no information around each outfit and this is because the Missoni family didn’t want it to be an exhibition, they just wanted to show some of their paintings and knitwear . This means that you don’t know what year each outfit was made, which I like because it makes it different to other exhibitions I have been to.

There wasn’t just clothing there, it also showed a lot of paintings that either they had painted or had been given to the Missoni family. It also featured tapestries made up of knitted patches. Missoni is very unique because when you look at all the garments and paintings they have one thing in common, stripes and this is because the only thing knitting machines could do was stripes when they first started making them.

Therefore if you had to define Missoni in three words then they would be:Β stripes, knitwear and colour.

They really changed fashion because the things that they produced were so different to anything else around that time and during their catwalk shows they had lots of pieces that were see through. Back then this was frowned upon and they did get a lot of hate in the media from it but that just increased their popularity because they were all over the newspaper. Obviously right now, most catwalk shows will feature see through clothing.

The exhibition is running until 4th September at the Fashion & Textile Museum onΒ Bermondsey St, London SE1 3XF



I know this post is different to what I normally post but I really want to include more fashion things on my blog and I am planning on going to more exhibitions as I really want to have a career in fashion.

Are you a fan of wearing knitwear?
Have to been to a Missoni exhibition before?




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