Benefit Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer

Gonna be honest when I say that I never knew liquid bronzer was a thing… I know what you’re thinking, I’m ashamed of myself as well for not knowing.

Buying magazines that come with free make up is my new favourite thing to do. In the September edition of Elle it came with this free Benefit product which is good because I can’t afford their products so unless I win the lottery this is the only way that I will be able to use their amazing products, (I’m totally joking of course, I’m planning on getting a job very soon).

Now that I’ve used a liquid bronzer I think it’s fair to say that I may have been converted. I always use a powdered bronzer but I am starting to prefer this. Because I am extremely pale, I should really cover myself in bronzer so the sun doesn’t reflect off my skin but I don’t as I prefer to embrace my paleness. Instead I normally use bronzer to contour and this is amazing for that and as you can tell I am no expert in make up but who cares, not me.

As you can tell, this is a travel sized one, because magazines always give travel sized products as opposed to full sized ones as they’re promoting them. On the website it is priced at £22.50 which means that this would be priced at around £11 and I technically got it for £4.10 because that’s how much the magazine was. As I said in my last product review of a Benefit product, I do think that they are a little expensive. If I had money then it would be a different matter but right now £22.50 is quite a lot for a bronzer.

Overall  I love this product so much! As I’ve already mentioned, I use this for contouring my cheekbones and I personally think that it looks quite good, not to boast or anything. Firstly I apply it with my fingers and then I blend it all with a brush and let me tell you, this blends like an absolute dream! It is also matte which means that it looks kinda natural, depending on how much you apply.

Which moves me onto my next point because one thing I dislike is that one pump of it would last me at least two days because so much product comes out. If I was more tanned (haha I wish) it would be the perfect amount but I have to press the pump a tiny bit a pray that a tonne doesn’t come out because then it’s just a waste.

The colour of this bronzer is very different to others that I have purchased because it is very orangey as opposed to being more brown than orange like others. This is totally a matter of personal opinion because obviously some colours suit people better than others. Because this is more orange I think that it suits me better due to the paleness of my skin as it looks a lot more natural which is the over all look that I go for when contouring. I realise now that I haven’t included a picture of what the actual product looks like (I’m such a great blogger like that) but it is literally exactly the same colour as the tube.

Finally I will discuss the packaging and when I looked on the website I noticed that the packaging of the full-sized one is so much cuter than this one! I think that’s because they don’t sell these travel sized ones, they only came in Elle as a promotional thingy. That’s my theory anyway for the not so cute packaging because let’s be real here, the tube looks really boring by Benefits standards. However the box it comes in is freaking adorable and I am not planning on throwing that away any time soon.

Therefore if you have money and are looking for a good bronzer then this ones for you (song reference) but if you don’t have money but would like to try this out and are willing to sacrifice £4.10 then go and buy Elle now. I think it’s on sale till the end of middle of September but I’m probably wrong…


What is your favourite bronzer at the moment?
Have you ever tried out a liquid bronzer before?




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