Update: Exciting Things Happening!

So many amazing things are happening right now or about to happen that my mind just can’t keep up with it all.

I did already have a post planned for today and it was going to be a book review post but I have decided to no longer do that anymore on my blog. So instead I am going to update you all on the exciting things that are going on in my life right now and the changes that are going to occur.

I recently did a fashion illustration course in London (post on it coming soon) and it made me realise how much I really want to go into the fashion industry and therefore I really want to include more and more fashion posts onto this blog. So you guys will see more outfit posts in the future as well as other things related to style, I’m not sure what yet but I’m working on it I promise. Don’t worry there will still be photography posts and product reviews for make up that I’ve bought because any excuse to buy a magazine that comes with free make up is a good one, but they will be less frequent. So that’s what is changing on my blog and I’m happy to start writing about something that I’m really passionate about.

Another thing that may or may not change on this blog is how frequently I post because I start college on the 12th September and I am well aware of how much time it is going to take up because I am doing two coursework based subjects as well as two academic subjects. This means I shall be spending most of my time revising and doing coursework which I obviously have to prioritise over this. I hope to post about three times a week but if I can’t then I do apologise and I hope that you guys will understand.

This links in with my next point about college quite nicely because I am actually moving next week. I’m not gonna explain this in depth but I live in Somerset and I’m moving to East Sussex and I haven’t moved Β in 13 years so this is gonna be a huge change for me that will take a while to adapt to. So I may end up not posting for about a week because I don’t know when I’ll get internet etc. This is more of a personal thing and I may not feel up to writing anything but I am obviously really excited to move.

My final piece of really super exciting news is that I have been given an amazing opportunity to start writing on another blog/website! I was contacted by a website called My Trending Stories (which you should totally check out) and I was asked to become an author on their website which features loads of other authors who write about anything and everything that they want to. I was very shocked to be contacted by them but it’s an amazing opportunity and I am so excited to write for them. I shall be writing articles all about what is going on in the fashion industry right now. This also explains why I will be posting less frequently because I will writing for them which will obviously take up quite a bit of time. It would mean a lot if in the future when I’ve started writing things that you could follow me and share the stuff I’ve been writing if you like it.

As you can gather from this I have a lot going on right now and it’s hard to get my head around all of it but in about a month things will settle down and I will have adapted to these changes.



If you actually got to the end of this post then I applaud you because I have typed on for a while but I wanted to explain everything to you in one post. I would also like to thank all of you so much for the amount of feedback I’ve received on this blog and the amount of followers I have gained is immense and it makes me speechless when I think about it. You guys are amazing!

Have you guys got any exciting things coming up?




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