Actually Wearing Heels For Once

I never wear heels. A pair of Doctor Martens with a skirt and a shirt is as smart as it gets with me.

I got my GCSE results last week (1 A*, 10 As, 1 B, 1 C) so we celebrated by going out to Frankie & Bennys and decided to do something different by wearing a pair of heels.

If you have been following my blog since the start of July then you would have seen these heels because I wore them to my prom and I was going to give them away but instead I decided to save them for occasions like this. Although part of me wished that I did opt for boots because walking a long way in heels is not very comfortable, but these do look hella cute if I say so myself. Also it was quite warm that evening so my feet would have roasted if I went for something different because these are the only open toe shoes that I own.

Finally if you go to Frankie and Bennys then you should totally have the calzone pizza because IT’S SO NICE and also the chocolate fudge brownie sundae (if you read my last post then you’ll know why I got this).

Excuse my weird squinting because it was so bright outside and I had no idea where I put my sunglasses and yes I really am that pale, my legs very rarely see the sunlight.

Earrings – Claires
Choker – New Look
Necklace – New Look
Top – New Look
Denim skater skirt – Topshop
Shoes – New Look
Bracelet – (got it from Brighton Pride)
Anklet – (got it from Glastonbury in some shop)

My nail polish that you can’t really see is from Rimmel London and it’s mint green and as you can I am a huge fan of New Look.

Are you a heels or a boots kind of gal or guy?





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