London Zoo

Every time I go to the zoo, I end up saying “omg that’s so cute to every animal that I see”, aside bugs cause I don’t like them.

Despite the fact I visit London all of the time I have never visited the zoo because I have a very mixed opinion on zoos and I thought that it would be horrible to have animals in cages in the middle of a city. However after going, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely it was there because the enclosures were all huge the zoo itself was a lot bigger than I thought. It was also a beautiful day as well and I was also surprised that I didn’t get sunburnt.

I took about 300 photos and a lot of them weren’t very good because the animals were far away and also they were all sheltering under rocks due to the heat so it was very hard to get a good photo.


If I could have any pet animal then it would either be a sloth or a panda but pandas are endangered so it would be a sloth despite the fact baby pandas are the cutest thing EVER. I feel as though I can totally relate to sloths because I am so unbelievably lazy and if I could then I would totally just lay around all day and eat, somettimes I do do that. However I do have more common sense than them because I wouldn’t mistake my arm for a branch and then fall to the ground like they do sometimes.



If you could have any pet animal what would it be?




9 thoughts on “London Zoo

  1. All of these pictures are stunning! Great photography on your part! The goat looks super cute in the picture!! And if I coulf have any animal as a pet, I would definitely go with a horse. On a more exotic side, I would want a kangaroo. They’re just to darn cute!

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