Blowing My First Paycheck

I’ve got a job! It’s only one day a week and the pay isn’t amazing but I’ve still got a job!

When everybody gets their first ever paycheck they go and blow it because for once you actually have money so you’re obviously going to spend it. I’m not going to say how much I was paid but I actually ended up spending way more than that and I don’t really care because it’s nice to treat yourself sometimes and I have work on Saturday so I just won’t spend that for ages. Also all of this stuff was on sale so I have saved A LOT of money!

I decided to not buy any clothes because I am still in the process of moving so all of my (too many) clothes are still folded up in a box so I didn’t want to overflow that box. However the town that I’m moving to has so many  vintage clothes shops and charity shop that I shall be spending all of my money in.


In New Look I picked up this set of super cute earrings that were in the sale. I always buy cheap earrings that don’t last very long and I was due another set and I love the colours of these because they’re gold/bronze. I love to wear gold jewellery over silver.


The other thing that I bought in New Look was this gorgeous eyeshadow which was only £2 in the sale! I own too much eyeshadow but when I saw this and the price I just couldn’t  resist and I had to get it. It is in the shade 91 Bronze and I’ve used it once but I absolutely loved it, the colour of it is stunning.


I’ve been looking for a new concealer for a while as my Collection Lasting Perfection is running out and I was going to rebuy it until I saw this from Seventeen. I have the worst under eye circles ever no matter how much sleep I get so I need something amazing. I got this in fair and when I tried it out it was the perfect colour. I have used this once and it is so much better than Lasting Perfection which I’m not a massive fan of. This was £4.99 (on offer).


This was very pricey and I would never buy this but I thought I would treat myself to a mascara set from Benefit. This was £30 reduced from £43 and I only bought it because the really kind girl who was showing me loads of their products was extremely persuasive. These are all travel sized ones and I shall do a review of some of them soon.


I’ve been wanting some new earphones after my Sony ones packed up because my walk to college is about 30 minutes so I shall be listening to music. I can’t believe how cheap these were and they’re not as good as my old Sony ones but they’re still good for the price I paid for them. I know the colour of them is not that nice but if I wanted a black or white pair then I would have had to pay £2 more which I know is like nothing but still.


I managed to pick up these super cute academic planners and pens in Poundland! I’ve been looking out for planners and I was going to get one in Paperchase but they were kinda expensive so when I saw these I had to get them especially as they were a pound each. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to get so I picked up both as one of them has one day per page (which I love) and the other has a few days per page. I didn’t need anymore pens but I loved the colour of these.


Last but not least I had to pick up this magazines because it comes with a free nail polish and if you have been reading this blog a while then you know that I love magazines that come with free make up. I haven’t used this nail polish yet but I’ll do a review of it soon, so look out for that. I’m pretty sure this was only £3.99.



Did you spend all of your first paycheck?
What exciting things have  you bought recently?




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