A Crazy Girl With Space Buns

If I had to define myself, that is how I would do it.

I wore this a while ago when I went to Eastbourne in East Sussex and it was such a beautiful. I actually ended up burning my neck but I had been using my camera at the same time so I it looked very weird with a camera strap mark.

Anyway I would say that this outfit is slightly different from what I usually wear but I love it so much and I shall definitely be wearing it loads in the future. I also know that I’ve already done an outfit post with my dungaree dress but I literally wear it all of the time because I don’t have that many clothes and when I find an item of clothing that I love, I wear it ALL THE TIME!

I absolutely love the setting of this mini photoshoot and these are by far the favourite photos that have been taken of my outfit so far, so thank you Mum! If any of you have been to Eastbourne before then you may know where these beach houses are because they are up by Beachy Head. Finally I feel as though I should clarify that I am wearing shorts underneath this because I am well aware of how short it is.

Dungaree dress – TK Maxx
Top – Urban Fox (independent vintage shop in Bristol)
Knee high socks – Peacocks
Shoes – Soul Cal
Choker – Topshop
Necklace – Claires
Earrings – AccessorizeΒ 

My nail varnish is from Rimmel London.

How would you define yourself in a sentence??




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