How To Survive College

Starting college is a big step for any 16 year old and although it is kind of scary it is also really exciting at the same time

I have been at Sussex Coast College in Hastings for two weeks now but I feel as though I have some advice for those who are starting out as well or for those who start next year or whatever. I’ve never done an advice post before but I thought that I would give it a go for you. I am also assuming that most of my readers are around my age (I have no idea) so hopefully you can relate to some of these things.

So I am doing textiles, photography and psychology and I started doing French but decided to drop it because the workload would be too much to handle so I would have ended up being extremely stressed. The workload is still going to be huge but not as bad because I only have to revise for my psychology exams and the other two are purely coursework based which I love. This also means that I am only in college four days a week which I love because it gives me more time to do coursework etc.

If any of this advice is of any use then please let me know because it would mean a lot and again I apologize for the lack of posts but I’m trying my best. I am going to try my best to be posting three times a week again.



  1. Understand that college is so unbelievably different to secondary school! The people are nicer and more mature, the teachers are so much nicer and well and they’re always willing to help you. You have to understand that with college the emphasis is on being independent and unlike secondary school they are not going to help you with everything and you have to go out your way to get things done.
  2. Do homework/ assignments when you get them! This is so important and my psychology gave us some great advice. So imagine that college is like a dial that moves steadily on as the year goes on and imagine that you are also a dial. At the start of the year you start at the same place and you have to keep in line with that dial or even ahead of that dial by keeping on top of all of your assignments and stuff because if you fall behind that dial then you are really going to struggle to keep up. If you do things when you get them then it just makes life so much easier.
  3. Talk to people and make friends! You don’t want to spend every lunch time by yourself so go out and talk to people and people in college are so much nicer and polite in my opinion so they’ll want to talk back. I moved from Somerset so I knew no one but I have made quite a few friends and have even joined someone else’s friend group which is great because it has made me feel so much more welcome.
  4. If you’re not enjoying a lesson and you’re really struggling then just don’t do it! It will take ages to explain why I’m dropping French but I just really disliked the lesson because the other 3 guys (there was only 4 of us) were fluent in French and I felt like a complete idiot as my knowledge is limited. I also decided to do four A levels which all the teachers said would be really hard and I thought I would be fine but I now have decided that it is going to be too much.
  5. This links in with my last point, your mental health is so much more important than your grades! Hence why I’m dropping French because although I may regret it, I believe that my mental health (which isn’t great already) is more important than a letter on a piece of paper. Don’t worry I know that A levels are way more important than GCSEs and I will still give it 110% but now that I’m doing three then I can more time and effort into them which will result in better grades.
  6. Use the resources your given! Such as the library, which I am currently living in because I spend so much time there and if you have a problem then ask your teacher because they are there to help.
  7. Finally, don’t forget to have a social life and enjoy college and if it’s not fun already then make it fun! I personally am loving college and I really enjoy it because I have a great group of friends and I am doing things that I actually want to do as opposed to doing GCSEs where I was doing things that I didn’t want to do.




What advice would you give to those at college or would you have given to your younger self when you were at college?




7 thoughts on “How To Survive College

  1. Loved this advice post! I’m at college too and I wanted to textiles but they didn’t run it anymore so I had to do design. But I’m doing photography and psychology too! So weird that we literally have the exact same options and the fact that I wanted to do French but had to drop it

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  2. I am starting college next year and have to give in my options form this month. I think I’ll only be doing 3 subjects too, probably, Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I’m alright with making friends since I’m going to the sixth form at my school where my best friends are going too.
    Aleeha xXx

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