Huge Charity Shop Haul

I feel as though charity shops are so underrated even though you can get some amazing bargains and you are helping those in need.

The other day I decided to go on a mass charity shop hunt because why not? Also where I live there i so many charity shops that I went in at least 5. I do pass New Look, H&M etc everyday and I frequently browse them but never see anything that I love and I’m the sort of person who is never willing to pay more than 10 pounds for a top (I’m sure I’m not the only one). In total for this shopping trip I spent about £20 and as you can see I got so much! If I went to a high street store then I probably would have only got like 1 maybe 2 items of clothing and I got so much.

Because I am into fashion and want to do it when I’m older I am planning on altering  and making these clothes into something better hence why I got some of them in larger sizes and that’s why this isn’t a try on haul. Also if you are an avid reader like myself then you should definitely go to charity shops because they are so cheap (usually £1) and a lot of the time you end up reading things you wouldn’t normally read.


  1. These jeans were only £3 and as you can see they are huge and I was aware of that before a bought them. They are in a boyfriend style and I am planning on make them smaller and adding on extra embroidery and stuff. They are originally from Julia Collection (no idea what that is)
  1. Next up I got a couple of tops. The first one is a gorgeous green colour and even though it was in the mens section, I think it is actually a female one cause it’s kinda tight. It was only £2 and is originally from H&M. I don’t think I’ll alter this cause I like it as it is.
  2. The other top I got was only £2 and is a pretty white summery top. It’s way too big but I have a plan to change it into like a crop top/bralette thing which shall be perfect for next summer. I can also use the excess material to make something else. It is originally from Tu.


  1. Next up is this adorable jumper that I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not but so I got it anyway because it was only £2. It’s cropped and just looks really cute but I don’t know where it’s from because there’s no label in it, someone must have removed it.


  1. You guys all know how much I love my mens tacky shirts so when I saw this I fell in love with it and in my opinion you can never have too many shirts. I don’t have a purple one and even though it is absolutely massive it is so comfy. This was only £2.50 and is originally from Lowes (another brand I haven’t heard of).


  1. The final item of clothing that I got is this dress and even though I am not one to wear dresses I love this, so I now I just need an excuse to wear it. It is a gorgeous blue lace dress that is originally from Topshop that I got for only £2 and starts off my dress collection because I don’t own any and I want to start wearing them.


  1. I picked up this amazing beanie when I went to Brighton ages ago but I thought I would include it anyway. It is a huge chunky knit one that is so comfortable and have found obsession with beanies recently because it is starting to get cold here. It is originally from M&S and was only £2 (I think).


  1. Now onto books! The first one I got was by Alexander McCall Smith who you may not have heard of but he is the author of the famous No 1 Ladies Detective Agency of which this is a part of. I am collecting the whole series because I read one and loved it so much and I only more left to collect. These are the sort of books that are in every charity shop and was £1.
  2. Next up is a book by Rainbow Powell and if I remember rightly this book is very popular right now and it just looked really good when I read the blurb so I thought let’s give it a go. This was £2.
  3. I always look for books by John Green in the charity shop because he is literally my favourite author ever because he wrote The Fault In Our Stars, which to this day still makes me cry. This looks really good and I need to keep my eyes peeled for his other stuff.


What bargains have you picked up from the charity shop before?




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