Unicorns Are Better Than People

This jumper is so sassy, it’s like “I’m a freakin unicorn that poops rainbows whilst you’re just a horse”

Just to clarify I do like horses but unicorns are better.

I know these aren’t the best photos because it was so windy (as you can see) but it makes me look as though I’m going for the Loreal kinda look. You can also see that the weather was not the nicest and it looks like the calm before the storm but it surprisingly didn’t rain.

I put absolutely no effort into this outfit, I just grabbed some clothes and put them on but I do love this outfit because it is so comfortable and makes a change from my usual super tight skinny jeans with a cute top.

I love this jumper to pieces and it’s from Pull & Bear, however I don’t think they sell it anymore even though I got it in April and it definitely sums me up as I am a fan of unicorns. It is also the softest jumper ever! Pull & Bear actually do some really nice jumpers so if you’re looking for one then I would definitely check them out.


Jumper – Pull & Bear
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Doctor Martens
Beanie – Charity shop (originally M&S)
Choker – Topshop

With the last image I literally said to my Mum “take an artsy shot where I dramatically gaze out to sea”.



Are you a boyfriend jeans kind of person or a skinny jeans type of person? Or even both like myself?




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