Feminism In Fashion

As I sit on the floor with my cup of tea listening to a bit of Disney whilst reading some fashion magazines, it comes to my attention how feminism has become such a huge part of fashion and society now.

In nearly every magazine I have read over the last couple of months there has been at least one article on #girlpower or on female celebrity achievements. Am I complaining? No I’m not because I think that it’s great that people are finally realising the importance equality. Would I say that I am a feminist? Hell yes I would!  I love reading about the successes of women and the impact that they are having on other people’s lives.

The first magazine that I just finished reading is this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan which I don’t normally read but it was only £1 so I had to buy it. Anyway there is firstly an interview with Zoella, who you must have heard of if you are on social media, and how she deals with anxiety stuff which was very interesting. She has such a huge impact on younger girls (and guys) who watch her videos because they all want to be like her and its really fascinating how someone from a tiny village in the South West of England has become such a huge influence on people. I do actually admire her because she has to deal with so much (for example, hate) but she remains so strong and carries on.

The next thing that caught my eye was a huge section dedicated to “the 2016 millennial power list” which is basically a list of the accomplishments of women who are aged 35 and under. This list featured women such as Jenna Marbles, Maisie Williams, Ashley Graham and so many others. The two that really stood out for me were Malala Yousafzai and Emma Watson (who I adore so much). So firstly Malala is a campaigner for girl’s education and she has so much courage and remains so true to what she believes in and is such an inspiration. I agree with her views so much in that education is so important and the fact that so many girls don’t have access to it makes me sad. She has already made such an impact on this subject. Next up is Emma Watson who campaigns for gender equality and who encourages men to call themselves feminists because it’s not something that anyone should be ashamed of.  Reading this section really made me think about feminism and how I would love to achieve what these people have by the time I am their age (probably won’t happen though) because like a lot of people I would like to make an impact in this world. It is so inspiring to read about all of these women who have helped to make more things gender equal like sport and to tell young girls that they can do what they want and they shouldn’t let things get in their way.

Moving on, I flicked back to my September issue of Elle that I read a few times and there is one article that particularly stood out for me. It was just titled “The Mood” and discusses gender fluidity in fashion as well as feminism. Fashion labels are becoming a lot more gender neutral with men in satin slips and Gucci’s decision to stop separating the show by gender which I think is amazing and I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a feminist, as well as wanting things to become more gender neutral (if you disagree then that’s fine by me). So even though gender swapping is a relatively big thing right now in the fashion industry, feminism has never been bigger! In the AW16 shows you could see so many powerful messages being portrayed in the outfits. There is a mix of pretty and tough in one outfit, for example there were women wearing floaty and elegant dresses that were paired with a huge pair of grunge boots which totally changes the outfit. It is showing how powerful women should be and as the article quotes “pretty has never looked stronger”.

However, like most things, I do believe that all of this can have a downside. As I mentioned I do think that many things should be more gender neutral and I definitely think that should apply to fashion because it so female dominated. Looking through all of these magazines, I hardly saw any men models or any articles written by men or even about them. I disagree with this and personally think that they should be included more in magazines because I am personally a huge fan of menswear and would love to read articles and see advertisements with them in the foreground as opposed to the background. (I am planning on doing a post about this sometime soon).


I am aware that I have ranted on for a while but I have enjoyed writing about something that I am passionate about and I am planning on doing so many more posts like this. That will become so much easier when I get internet at home (NEXT WEEK, AAHHH I’M SO EXCITED).

If you like to read things like this then please let me know because the feedback really helps! And thank you for 100 followers on WordPress, it means so much that you guys like what I post!


What are your views on feminism in fashion?




15 thoughts on “Feminism In Fashion

  1. Loved this in depth and well articulated it was so interesting to hear someone else’s opinion on such an important topic – naturally I agree completely 🙂


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  2. You made really good points! I admire too all those brave people out there who make big campains for equality, but I think we can all make differences, smaller, yet very important!
    love, elena


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