Day Two: Rocking The Mens Tacky Shirt

This is probably one of my all time favourite outfits ever! It is me embracing my inner grunge self.

Sooooo, I still don’t have internet. It sucks. This means that I will have to post them every other day because there’s no way that I have time to post them every day in college and I know this one is late but I’ve been in lessons for the majority of the day. Hopefully the internet will be sorted out soon.

Therefore this was yesterdays outfit. As you can see in the photos it was quite dark (they’re awful quality, I know!) when I took these because I had a 9am class and I was in until 2:45 which isn’t that bad. I only had psychology and photography which were fun, I guess. The weather was actually surprisingly nice and I did start wearing my coat but I had to take it off because it was too hot.

I also got my hair dyed in the evening but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it and it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but I shall explain tomorrow and I will probably end up just doing it again myself sometime soon. It took like 2-3 hours which meant that I didn’t end up doing anything else yesterday evening.

I did manage to finish reading a book which I have been reading for way over a month now. It was called Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and you may have heard of it because I know that it was quite popular. If you have read it then I would love to know your opinion on it because I actually really enjoyed it even though it was a little confusing to get my head round at first.


Jeans – H&M
Top – Topshop
Shirt – (charity shop, mens department)
Choker – New Look
Shoes – Doctor Martens

What books have you read recently?




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