Day Three: I Don’t Care

I wore this outfit today to show to everyone that you don’t need a flat stomach to wear a crop top and you can wear whatever you want! *sassy finger click*

It looked like it was going to be warm on Wednesday so I was like why not wear a crop top because I honestly don’t care what people think of me (well I do a little, you know what I mean). I actually love this outfit and I did get a few stares but I don’t care. This outfit is nearly all new things because I got these jeans in a charity shop and they were massive but I altered them and I got this top in a sale recently.

Also you may notice that I have had my hair dip dyed/ombre whatever you call it. I have a bit of a story for you guys, so I have a hair salon at my college because it’s a course there and I was like why not get my hair done? I originally wanted purple all over and I chose a nice colour but when I got there it turned out that they didn’t have enough hair dye because they very rarely get people coming in who want purple hair. They only had one tube when I would need about two or three because I have A LOT of hair. So instead they dip dyed it purple and I do like it but when it washes out I am going to dye it all over purple myself because hair dye it currently on offer in Boots. I do like it though and I am aware that it is very hard to see.

Anyway today was a long day because I had a long break at college in the morning where I just chatted with my friends and then I had psychology and photography in the afternoon. We didn’t really do much because it is the end of the half term and there wasn’t much to learn. You could say that it was a pretty uneventful day because I went home, changed into my pyjamas and read for ages.

Top – New Look
Jeans – Charity shop
Shoes – Doctor Martens
Shirt – Charity shop (originally River Island)
Choker – Topshop
Earrings – New Look
Lipstick – Collection (13 vintage rose)


Do you wear crop tops? If you want to wear one but am worried about what other people will think, then you should totally go for it!




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