Day Four: Diva

Today is a bit of a lazy day for me because I actually don’t have any lessons until 6pm, so I can actually lie in!

My textiles class is at 6pm because I am doing it as an evening class which I really don’t like because I would rather curl up in my pyjamas at that time but I can’t as I need textiles to do what I want to in the future. So today is kind of like my day off.

I still went in for a little bit in order to schedule these outfit posts for you guys and to meet my friends for lunch and to do some shopping. I literally have nothing else to say because Thursdays and Fridays are boring if I’m honest. I also have virtually no assignments to do which is great but when you don’t have Wifi at home and no assignments then it’s kind of boring. I also got complimented by a random stranger on my shoes which made me really happy, it’s the little things like that that really make my day.

Also can we just talk about HOW GORGEOUS THIS LIPSTICK IS! I love it so much even though I am not a fan of MAC products.



Top – Second hand
Shirt – Second hand
Leggings (they are actually tartan) – New Look
Shoes – Doctor Martens
Choker – Topshop
Necklace – New Look
Bracelet – Brighton Pride
Earrings – New Look
Lipstick – MAC (Diva)


What is your favourite lipstick?





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