Day Five: Red, White and Blue

Friday… More like Fri-yay!

That was so cheesy, I am never saying that ever again in my whole entire life!

Anyway, I do like Fridays because I actually don’t have any lessons which means I can stay in bed all day if I really want to. But I don’t because that would be incredibly lazy of me, so I get up at a reasonable time. On a friday I normally go into college for an hour or so to see what work I have to do and to catch on social media cause I have no WiFi. It is also the last day before half term so I had lunch with my friends as I’m literally busy the whole of half term so I won’t get time to see them during the week.

I also popped into some shops as I normally do when I’m bored because I walk past Priory Meadow shopping centre after college everyday. I got myself a Rimmel Stay Matte powder cause it’s my favourite and also two boxes of purple hair dye (the same ones I got in the summer when I dyed my hair) because I am want to redye my hair in a couple of weeks.

You may have noticed that these are a new pair of jeans because I own very few pairs of jeans and now that I am earning money I decided to treat myself to some Topshop jeans. These were only Β£20 in the sale which for a pair Topshop jeans is amazing! I actually really love their clothes now because I go in there all the time as I walk past it everyday.

The red, white and blue was not intentional but I have worn my DMs everyday this week so I thought it was time for a change and I just love this top so much.

Choker – Topshop
Top – Charity shop
Jeans – Topshop
Β Belt – (no idea..)
Socks – Primark
Shoes – SoulCal
Earrings – New Look
Bracelet – Brighton Pride

What shop are you loving at the moment?




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