Day Five (and a half): Work, Work, Work

As Tiana says in Princess and the Frog, “The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work”

So as well as college on Friday morning I had a 10 and a half hour shift at work and then on Saturday I did a 12 and a half hour shift. I know that’s a lot and I was exhausted after but I have to save up for university and driving lessons and Tiana’s quote is so true. I do spend some of my wages but I put away the majority for the future.

So I am a waitress at weddings which is why I do such long shifts because weddings are an all day thing. Even though it can be tiring, I don’t really see it as work because I enjoy it so much and the people there are amazing and we have such a laugh! Also the food is amazing so it makes me happy when there is leftovers that we can eat.

Because I waitress I have to look smart so I bought a pencil skirt because I don’t own any black smart trousers aside my jeans which are no longer black because I wear them so much. I also like wearing black because if I spill food on myself (which happens frequently) then you can’t really see it. I know it’s weird but I always wear socks with tights because I get really cold feet the evenings are freezing cold so I have toasty feet and I do wear a plain black jumper as well.

I also took out my french plaits because they were annoying me.

Top – Primark
Skirt – H&M

Tights – Primark
Socks – Primark
Shoes – Shoe Zone
Earrings – New Look

So that’s it for my week of outfits from last week, I hope you liked reading it and I shall be doing more of these in the future when I have internet so I can upload them everyday as opposed to every few days.

What do you wear to work?




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