October Favourites!

The trees are only just starting to go different shades of orange, the temperature is starting to drop and it’s already the end of October.

As per every month, this month has gone extremely fast and it has been a bit of a rollercoaster but I have loved it! I haven’t done anything that exciting just the usual wake up and go to college during the week and then work at the weekends and seeing my friends in between all of that. The workload at college is starting to increase but it is nothing that I can’t handle (so far).

I also have just had my half term which went by in a flash and I did practically nothing, I went back to my home town in Somerset to see family and friends which was okay. Hastings finally feels like home which makes me very happy because I feel a lot more settled. I also have loads more furniture in my room and I will do a room tour in the future when I’ve finished unpacking which is taking a while because I have A LOT of stuff. In addition I have a dressing table so I shall be doing a tour of that so you guys can see my make up etc.

I forgot that it was Halloween today because I never usually do anything for it because if I’m honest I think that it is a complete waste of time. It is completely commercial as companies just use it to make money like with Christmas and Valentine’s Day etc, so as you can tell I don’t like holidays. Anyway I know loads of people did things on Friday and Saturday but I spent them working and sleeping.  I hope you guys have a good Halloween even though there’s all that talk of the creepy clowns that you see all over Facebook that absolutely terrify me!

Finally I am also on about 150 followers which to me is a crazy amount so thank you so much to everyone who takes time to read my blog and like and comment because it really means a lot to me.

Here’s what I have loved this month:


I got this nail polish from a Marie Claire magazine a month or so ago and it is from Ciate. It is called Dangerous Affair and it was exclusive to the October edition of Marie Claire which means you won’t be able to get hold of it anymore as it says that it is not for resale. Anyway excuse my chipped nails but I love this colour so much as it is a gorgeous dark red shade which is a perfect shade for this time of the year. It also lasts quite a long time before chipping which I like because I’m too lazy to keep removing it and repainting them.


Next up is the most beautiful highlighter I have ever purchased! It used to have a lid but it was cheap so the packaging broke so now I have to be careful when taking it anywhere. It is from Make Up Revolution and was probably about £3 and I wear this everyday and it looks untouched so it will last me forever (not literally… well maybe). It is called Golden Lights and trust me when I say that this picture doesn’t do this enough justice because it is gorgeous and so pigmented. If you have been reading my outfit post recently then I am most likely wearing this if you look at the photos.


If you have been reading my blog since I started in July (I think) then you will recognise this palette as I did a review of it. It is from Make Up Revolution and is called Fortune Favours The Brave and if I’m honest, it is the best £10 I have ever spent in my whole entire life because look how beautiful it is. I use it most days and I have been loving a pink and brown smoky eye at the moment. It is also the perfect size to take away if I go somewhere because it is really thin and has a huge mirror which is great when you go somewhere that doesn’t have a mirror. They’re also amazing eye shadows so I would recommend you get this, if they still sell it.


I love Simple Skincare because I have sensitive skin and they just do amazing products. I use this nearly every day and since using it I have seen such a difference in my skin. I am quite lucky in that I have relatively clear skin even though I wear a lot of make up so I feel that this is important to use to keep my skin moisturised. Also even though it is a small bottle it has lasted me a very long time so I won’t have to repurchase this for a very long time, and it is a very affordable brand.


I never thought that I would feature a deodorant in my favourites but here we are. This is also by Simple Skincare and I actually bought it in Poundland so it is extremely affordable. I normally use an antiperspirant spray but I thought I would try something different and if I’m honest I love this. I don’t have much to say about this because it is just a deodorant but it does what it says on the tin.


Finally these are the two books that I have read this month and I have started reading a lot more so hopefully in the future I will read more than two but I lead a busy life.

Firstly is Cloud Atlas which I think is quite a well known book that features six stories that all link in with each other which I like because it is different. However it is an extremely long book that took me forever to read and parts of it were quite confusing but overall it was a good read and is probably something that I will read in a few years time.

The other book I read, I actually bought in a charity shop not very long ago. I read it quickly because it is quite short (especially compared to Cloud Atlas) and I loved it so much. So Will Grayson Will Grayson is about two people with the same name that meet and then it tells the story from both of their viewpoints and even though the idea isn’t that original it was an amazing story to read. I absolutely love John Green so I knew that I would love this.


This is a very chatty October favourites but I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would love to know what things you have loved this month so let me know in the comments.

How are you spending Halloween this year?




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