Autumn Favourites Tag!

Autumn is by far the best season, don’t even deny it. It’s your favourite too.

I was tagged by the lovely Bervin from Slightly Voguish to do this, so thank you so much to her! You should totally check out her awesome blog!


I love it so much because it’s gets dark really early now so you can curl up in your pyjamas on your bed and read because you don’t have wifi so there’s nothing else to do. Okay, so that only applies to me but I bet you guys do the same just with wifi so you can scroll  through Tumblr and look at all the recipe ideas and room decoration ideas that you wish you could do to your room as well. Also it is hot chocolate season which is just the best season! And you can finally wear that dark coloured lipstick that you were given in the summer because everyone is wearing them so you won’t feel weird and also it is perfectly acceptable weather to wear KNITTEED JUMPERS! They are my favourite things in the whole entire world and it’s not quite that cold yet here in England but it will be soon, which makes me very happy.


Favourite candle?
If I’m honest, I don’t use candles very often but I wish I did. I currently own 2 candles and this one i my favourite that is from Primark and I got it for Christmas last year. It smells absolutely amazing and I would never think of putting bamboo in a candle but its surprisingly works really well. I also know it’s not an autumnal smell but I don’t own an autumn candle even though I really should do.


Favourite lip product?
My favourite lip product at the moment is my only MAC lipstick that my amazing friend Ellie got me for my birthday and it’s just so beautiful that I can’t even. It’s called Diva and is the most amazing dark red and I don’t wear it that often but when I do I love it.


Favourite nail polish?
My favourite nail polish is this one from New Cid and it’s in a dark purple shade called Blueberry Muffin which is an odd name because it is not blue at all. I love to wear dark shades on my nail so I frequently reach for this or the one I just featured in my October favourites.


Favourite trendy clothing item?
I couldn’t chose just one favourite trendy item of clothing so I selected this while outfit that I wore a couple of weeks ago and I even did a post on it, so check it out if you would like to know where things are from. I love the boyfriend/mom jeans trend with a cute little crop top and I love a good oversized shirt and this one surprisingly isn’t a men’s (I know, it’s shocking to hear that I own a women’s shirt)


Favourite shoes?
My favourites shoes are Doctor Martens (of course) and I couldn’t chose one pair so I’m including both of my pair. I have a pink floral pair that are no longer pink because they’ve faded but that just makes them look kinda vintage and my black patent pair which I changed the laces on because this way they look so much better.

Halloween or thanksgiving?
Well I live in England where we don’t celebrate thanksgiving and I don’t like Halloween, so neither. You’re probably shocked to hear that I don’t like Halloween but I just think it’s all commercial and a complete waste of time and I’ve only been trick or treating like once and it wasn’t even that fun (I know, I’m so boring)


Favourite drink?
My favourite drink has to be chai latte from Nero because IT IS THE NICEST THING EVER! I have no more to say because it is just so amazing, you should try it even though it is majorly over priced like most drinks are nowadays.


Happiest part of Autumn?
Watching the sunsets because I live on the coast so if I finish college late so when I walk back I watch the beautiful sunset and it’s so calming and amazing. I also love to curl up in my pyjamas and read as I’ve already mentioned.


Because I (still) have no wifi I am prewriting this at home so I can’t tag anyone as I don’t know who to tag as I can’t scroll through my frequently read blogs, sorry. Hopefully I’m getting it in the next couple of weeks and I know I said that about three weeks ago but I’m serious this time. Therefore I tag every one of you and if you want to do this then let me know because I’d love to read it!


What do you love about Autumn (or Fall if you’re an American)?




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