Stick To The Status Quo

It is not quite cold enough for knitted jumpers and scarves but the winter coat is out and so are the beanies.

In the half term holidays I went to Bath for the day and I forgot how much I loved it there! You name a high street store and it is there and there are so many places to eat, markets to go to and sights to see. There is a weir there which is the where the film a scene of Les Miserables, if you have been there and have seen the film then you will know what I am talking about. It is a very photogenic place and there is loads of parks to stroll through which are really beautiful as the trees are FINALLY starting to drop their leaves and turn orange.

It was quite a mild day so I could wear a coat and not feel the need to wear a shirt over my top. You can’t really see my top but it says “NOTHING BUT NET” on it which for those of you who are massive High School Musical fans then you will know that it is a line from Stick To The Status Quo in the first film. Yes, it is technically a basketball phrase but when I saw it I immediately thought of that song. Even though it is a man’s I just had to buy it especially as it was £4 in the sale and I also bought one for my HSM loving friend as well.

Top – Topman
Jeans – Topshop
Belt – (no idea…)
Coat – New Look
Beanie – Charity shop
Socks – Primark
Shoes – Doctor Martens
Bag – Paperchase
Choker – New Look

Lipstick – Vivid Violet from Smashbox


What is your favourite High School Musical song? (Mine is probably Bet On It because who doesn’t love Zac Efron being sassy and dancing?!)

If you don’t like HSM then what is your favourite film?




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