Buildings In Bath

I love taking pictures of buildings and Bath is full of very photogenic old houses

During half term, when I went back to Somerset, I visited Bath for the day and I posted pictures of my outfit last Friday so feel free to check that out. I realised that I haven’t posted any pictures of my own photographs in a while and I really like these photos and hence why I am sharing them with you today.

If you haven’t been to Bath then you’re missing out because it’s such a beautiful city. It has every shop you can think of, so many cafes and coffee shops and relaxing walks along the canal and through the parks. These photos were taken at the Crescent and along the canal and even though it was a cloudy and miserable day, I managed to get some good photos of the buildings and of course some flowers because it is me and I love taking photos of flowers. I also managed to spot a squirrell and get a photo of it before it scampered off.

I really like the effect of reflections in photos and as you can see I got a few snaps of buildings in the reflections on cars which look nice and reflection in water always have a nice effect.

I recently handed in a photography project on distortion so when I get that marked and I get it back then I will show you guys some of it because although this blog is primarily fashion, I still would like to include more of my own photography as opposed to my Mums.




What do you guys like to take photographs of?




10 thoughts on “Buildings In Bath

  1. also, I’ve got a similar theme to your blog and I was wondering how you got your side bars? Mine keep appearing at the bottom of the page, thanks!

    xogirl xx


      1. thanks! I think mine might be that one actually, but when I add a side bar it appears at the bottom of the page instead, did you have the same problem? 😉


      2. I didn’t have that problem so I don’t know how to help, sorryyy… but there are plenty of other themes that have sidebars so you could always chose another if you can’t solve the problem


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