Changing Of The Seasons

It would appear that high waisted jeans with a checked shirt and a pair of Doctor Martens are my signature look.

I am also by the sea, so there’s no change there but I am surprisingly not by any beach huts which has to be a first.

Anyway, Sunday is mine and my mum’s only day off during the week due to work and college so we always go out for the day and today’s choice was Eastbourne which is just down the road from us. We always park right by Beachy Head and then walk up to the town browse the shops and then walk all the way back because it is a very beautiful (and we don’t want to pay for parking…). There are two walkways, the one along the seafront by the beach but we opted for the one above that through all of the trees. As you can see, the trees are only just starting to turn orange which is really late because it is already November (where has the year gone?!!), but you can hopefully except lots of Autumnal outfit posts this month. It was also cold hence why I am wearing three layers but not that cold that I felt a beanie and scarf were required.

Top – Primark (men’s section)
Shirt – Charity shop (Mens)
Coat – New Look
Scrunchie – New Look
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – Doctor Martens
Choker – New Look
Earrings – (No idea…)
Belt – (Also no idea… but it is a mens)


What would you say your signature look is?




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