The Rise of Individuality

In my opinion, in the past fashion used to be about sticking to trends in a world where people dressed more or less the same.

However nowadays fashion has massively changed and has become more of an art form and a way of expressing yourself rather than a way of trying to fit in. I may only be noticing this because I go to college where you are allowed to wear whatever you want and I am in a new and bigger town but its like people want to be noticed. A few years ago (so secondary school for me) people wore the same things in order to go with the flow but now people want to stand out and not stick to the status quo (just like Troy Bolton), and this is exactly how I felt. I felt as though I had to wear certain clothes because everyone else was and when you browsed through shops they all sold exactly the same things just with different colours and brand logos. However now I feel more confident to wear whatever the hell I want to because others do and sure people do stare at me but I feel so much more confident wearing what I want to wear as opposed to what social media is telling me to wear. For example, at my school prom a lot of the guys wore the same coloured suits and the girls had fake tans and red dresses and so they all looked like clones. On the other hand I opted for a dress that made me feel and look like a Disney princess and that no one else had and I loved it and I did an outfit post on it back in July. Okay so this only occurred a few months ago and then I was just starting to be more expressive with what I wear, but it still shows my point.

This is primarily down to social media telling you what to wear and what not to wear and images of celebrities and labels showing very similar outfits. This puts so much pressure on people as you feel you need to keep up with all of the trends. However now with the rise in people such as fashion bloggers and youtubers etc so our feeds are filled with such a variety of styles that can see a completely different look with each spin of the wheel on your mouse. Furthermore, there are so many celebrities out there who have become ‘icons of change’ and encourage the younger generation (so kind of my generation) to embrace their uniqueness and just be themselves

Youtubers and other celebrities are so influential nowadays which explains why I love to stand out because I used to spend hours of end watching people like Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella.

I have gone slightly off topic of fashion and am starting to ramble but I never noticed this change in fashion and society until I read September’s edition of Elle where it discussed icons of change and how the rules are being broken. This really made me think about fashion and social media because we still live in such a judgemental society where you will be judged no matter what you wear as it’s easy to pick out flaws. However it’s almost as though people no longer live in fear of tat and will wear whatever they want by going against what is seen as normal. Don’t get me wrong, there are still trends out there but people don’t all follow them and even if they do they add their own little twist. I can go into different clothes shops now and see completely different styles on mannequins and different clothes on the rails which I love.

This gives people more freedom with their fashion.

This leads to the rise of individuality.

Creativity is flourishing and people are now wearing things that before would have been classed as not the normal. Going against the normal has become the new normal. As I look around my new town, people no longer look like clones (well a few do) but primarily people now have their own style as fashion has changed for the better.

I am a strong believer in being yourself and it makes me happy to see that fashion is evolving and people are promoting boldness and difference.

I think that it is so important to be and act like yourself which also applies to fashion. The more yourself you are, the happier you are I think. If you put on an outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear and are only wearing it because everyone else does then you feel uncomfortable and not yourself.

I am sitting here with my Mum’s old baggy dungarees on and (badly dyed) purple hair. Yes I got some stares today but I don’t care because I am happy wearing this and I don’t care what other people may think of me.


So I encourage you today to go into your wardrobe and pick out that outfit that you love but felt too nervous to wear as you’re worried about other people’s opinion on you. I would love to know how this goes!


What is your view on the rise of individuality?




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