What To Wear With Purple Hair

I have (badly) dyed my hair purple, but I love it!

Also can I just point out that I’m a poet and I know it.

Anyway… I dyed my hair purple a couple of weeks ago and a lot of it has already washed out which makes me very sad. I did it using the Schwarzkopf Live things in the colour Purple Punk and even though I used two boxes (!) it wasn’t enough because I have A LOT of hair. It was a really bright pink/purple/red for the first week but now it is a darker more subtle shade of purple which I do like but there are patches of it that are brown because it didn’t take the colour. So it doesn’t look great but I really like it and have had compliments from strangers about it which makes me happy. The camera doesn’t pick up the colour that well but you can kind of see how it looks, the roots are purple and the ends are purple/pink but the middle section has gone brown.

You haven’t seen it yet in my outfit posts because I always post them like a week after the photos are taken so you will see it in an outfit post probably next week.

If you have been reading my blog since the start then hey and thank you, but you also would have seen that I attempted to dye it the same colour but using one box and it washed out straight away and really didn’t look great. So sometime in the future there will be another post where you can see my hair and it will have worked properly!


For this post I am doing something different that is still fashion related and that it showing you the sort of colours that I would recommend wearing with purple hair because a lot of colours will massively clash with it. I’m not saying that you HAVE to follow this; it’s just my opinion and some of my favourite items of clothing to wear at the moment. I’ve only features t-shirts because I don’t think that it really matters about the trouser, so I would just stick with black/blue denim.


Firstly is white which goes with most hair colours. Just a warning though, don’t wear a white top straight after dying or washing your hair because the colour can transfer and it does (trust me). This top I got in the charity shop but is originally from Gap and is a classic white long sleeved top but it is made of a textured material.


Next is navy blue which made the colour in my hair pop because when it was first done it was more pink than purple. This top actually isn’t mine, it’s my Mums, but I really like it because it has three quarter length sleeves and it is from M&S.


Next up is black which you can wear with every hair colour because it looks good with everything so I don’t have much to say about it. This is a ribbed cold shoulder top from Pull & Bear (aka my favourite shop ever) and has three quarter length sleeves.


This is a bit of an odd one but I think that kaki green looks really good with purple. My hair has faded a lot but when I wore this it made the colour stand out even more and I don’t know why. This top has been featured many a time on this blog and it is from H&M.


Grey. Everyone’s wardrobe is filled with grey items of clothing because it goes with everything and I especially like the combination of grey and purple. This crop is also from H&M and is kind of grey with flecks of black in it as well and is perfect for the winter because it is long sleeved.


Finally is light blue which is something that is probably not in everyone’s wardrobe. This is the only light blue thing I own and I got in the charity shop the other day and it is a stripy shirt from George, it is massive on me because it is a large but I love it anyway. You probably wouldn’t think they would go but they surprisingly do and I wore this when my hair was pinker and I think it looked really good. If you check out my Instagram (@indiarden_) then you can see me wearing it and also see my hair better.



This may have not been helpful but I like to try new things and write about something kind of different. I hope you are having a good day!


What colour is your hair?




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