Life Without WiFi

So I have spent the last 9 weeks with no WiFi at home. No lie.

Here’s the story: About 9 weeks ago I moved to the other side of the country with my Mum who isn’t made of money so WiFi was never something that she prioritised. After a couple of weeks we had got most of the necessities, we decided that we really needed so we went to EE. There were loads of problems and the waiting list was really long so it took way over a month for them to sort it out and send someone to set it all up. Which they did so now I’m a very happy bunny who is now able to spend hours scrolling through Tumblr…

You may be wondering how I managed to upload blog posts and be on social media? Well I had to use the crappy WiFi at my college and use the computers in the library. I think it’s fair to say I’ve spent the last two months living in there. I also now know where all of the free WiFi places in Hastings, which is very useful. This meant I could still check all the pointless things such as Snapchat and Instagram (which I have become obsessed with and you totally follow me @indiarden_), so I was probably very anti-social whilst at college because I would just sit there on my phone. Once you start checking social media, you get sucked in and then you realise that you’ve spent an hour meaninglessly scrolling through Facebook.

After a few weeks I got used to no WiFi and, not going to lie, it was quite enjoyable because I was able to spend my evenings talking to my Mum, reading and actually getting on with coursework without the distractions. Then at the weekends (when I’m not working) we would actually go out and do things which makes a change because before I moved I hardly left the house… We live in a relatively nice area by the beach so I make the effort to go for a walk and I’ve actually started running, I just need to keep it up (help!)

However even though I’ve said all of these positive things there were some drawbacks. Boredom. There is only so much coursework that I can do before getting bored and there were evenings where I was so bored that I would literally go to bed at 9pm. Which sounds ridiculous but at least I now have a really good sleeping pattern. It also made doing assignments hard because I could only do them and submit then whilst at college.

Now that I have WiFi you would think that I would go back to being antisocial and never leaving my room but it has actually been nothing like that. I’m so used to no internet that I don’t feel the need to be constantly checking my phone and I still get up early and get on with the day as opposed to be sitting there on my phone. I must be admit that I’ve spent a long time catching up on YouTube in the last few days but I enjoy doing coursework whilst watching it. If I do get a little bored then I will end up on my phone but I don’t want to make it a habit. I also try to turn off my laptop and put down my phone at least an hour before I go to bed because otherwise I can’t sleep.

So now I’ve spent all of that time hardly using my phone, it has made me realise that as a generation we spend too much time in our phones. Everyone says that we can’t live without WiFi but I think that me and my Mum have proved that wrong (yes I know I had WiFi at college). Life is a lot better with no internet because you go out more appreciate your surroundings more instead Β of being glued to a phone screen, which we are all guilty of doing.

Take some time, turn everything off and go for a walk. You will feel so much more positive because social media is a very negative place. Stop worrying about how many likes your Instagram photo got and pick up a book, socialise with your family, go shopping, go for a coffee date (my personal favourite thing). The options are endless.

This sounds kind of cheesy but I honestly feel like I have changed. I feel so much more positive and happier (which is partially down to me moving) and I’m getting out and doing things that I didn’t do before. Such as finally reading all of my fashion magazines. Even though my phone is always there, I don’t feel the need to open Snapchat and see what my friends are up to. Or the Kardashians.

I encourage you to take one day away from your phone/tablet/laptop and let me know how it went. It’s hard at first, not going to lie.


Do you rely on the internet?




5 thoughts on “Life Without WiFi

  1. Today I tried to spend all day without WIFI and it was a challenge. I managed to avoid only until 30 minutes ago. Not using wifi on my mobile and not being addicted to the sound of notification is my goal, so I will try to use it as little as possible. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Have a good week.

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    1. I’ve only just seen your comment, sorry. But it’s good to hear that people are trying to step away from their phones, well done for having a go! I’d love to hear how it’s going sometime in the future!


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