Autumn Leaves Bath Bomb

This is like everything associated with autumn was condensed into a leaf shaped piece of heaven to be released when placed into the bath

Not going to lie, I am very proud of that description and it is so accurate.


I got this a few weeks ago and I’ve only just used it because last week was quite stressful revising for my upcoming mocks this week and I really needed a bath to wind down. I have another one but I selected this one because autumn is nearly over and I don’t want it to be so this was my way of clinging onto it before it turns freezing and the trees become bare.

So unfortunately they don’t sell this anymore (when I checked the website, I haven’t been into the store) because they have made way for their Christmas stock but I wanted to write about something different. I also don’t know if this is an annual product or is new this year.

Anyway I can’t even describe in words how amazing this smelt. It literally smelt of every Autumn scent  possible, so leaves, fresh air, pumpkins and so many other scents but my brain can’t put them into words. This is the first place I’ve lived that  has a bath so I’ve only used bath bombs a couple of times and they’ve all been amazing. What I love most is that your whole body still smells of it even the next day which makes it worth the price because they’re not that cheap. So I used this at night and it was amazing to wake up the next day still smelling of Autumn and it made me feel all nice and cosy.

I didn’t take a picture of what the bath water looked like cause I was so eager to get in but it firstly was yellow/red/green and then after a while all of the colours merged together and it went a gorgeous shade of orange. I thought my skin would go orange but surprisingly didn’t and bath didn’t go orange either which is good because it is currently pink after dying my hair…

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a sweet scent. And autumn. However I am aware that this is no longer on sale which makes me sad because I would travel about half an hour to my nearest Lush to pick up loads of them. I am pretty sure that it was £3.50 which is slightly expensive but it is SO worth it. I think I could have fallen asleep watching YouTube in the bath, it was that relaxing.


Have you tried this bath bomb?
Do you have any recommendations of what ones I should try next?




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