Products That YouTube Made Me Buy

This is a tag that has been floating around YouTube for a while so I thought that I would be #original and jump on the bandwagon

So today I thought I’d do something different and share with all of you lovely people a lot of products that I went out and bought because I saw someone mention/use it on YouTube. There’s quite a lot of products here some that I love and some that I’m disappointed in and wish I didn’t buy if I’m honest.

I normally buy things that people have recommended because if they have given a good review then I know it must be good because I hate trying new things (not a good mindset to have) so I get things that people talk about on YouTube.

Lets roll:



Every beauty fanatic has got these and I love them so much, they make eye shadow so much quicker and easier to do. Also the eyebrow brush is the perfect size cause I have quicker big eyebrows and I don’t use the brush on the left cause I use a felt tip liner. However these are kinda expensive (£20) and I would love the other sets (because I always see them on YouTube…) but they are pricey. Everyone was talking about them so I caved in and got them.


Excuse the fact that this is nearly empty and looks gross but, again, like everyone uses this and Collection is such a great brand. It’s about £4 which is more expensive than they’re other stuff but it’s so popular hence why it’s more expensive. I don’t think it’s as good as everyone says but it’s the perfect colour for me so I shall be buying this again very soon.


I have just repurchased this and a couple of years ago literally everyone used this and it’s only £4 which is not bad. Nowadays people don’t use it as much but I am continuing to buy it again because I love it so much and I believe this is the translucent one. I have used coloured ones before but I much prefer the translucent powders.


I specifically remember Zoella using this a few years ago but back then I didn’t wear much make up and I couldn’t afford it but now I can and I love it so much. It was about £8 which is quite a lot but I’ve been using this solidly for a few months now and I have so much left so it is definitely worth the money. The colour is very pale so I mix it in with another darker one because then I don’t look so pale, I look a healthy colour.


I don’t remember exactly who I watched using this but they all rave about Soap and Glory all the time so I picked up this because it was on offer about a year ago for about £6 down form £9. I LOVE THIS because I always do winged eyeliner so it is just perfect and it’s really black because I’ve used others that are more grey and that annoys me so much. Definitely worth the money because it has lasted me forever!


I know this looks gross but ignore that. About a year ago every one was using this because I feel as though brow gel is a relatively new thing so everyone had this until Benefit released their products which the whole beauty world uses now. This is very affordable (about £3 I think) and but it’s not that great if I’m honest. It’s really gloopy and clumpy so you get clumps of it in your eyebrow which is not great.


I saw a vlogger in Boots and they said that they finally had an NYX stand and I am now obsessed because they do the most amazing lip products ever. I did a review on this ages ago so feel free to read that. They’re so affordable at around £5 and I am planning on getting loads after Christmas when I have more money. A lot of people have been using them a dupe to the Kylie Lip Kits which are SO EXPENSIVE and I’m probably not gonna ever get them when I can get these.


This is one of the best mascaras I have used and last year everyone used this! I got a travel set of Benefit mascaras and if I’m honest, I’m so disappointed by the other mascaras cause they’re not that good and the set was a waste of money in my opinion. However this is the only good one so when this runs out I may splurge out on the full sized one. I would highly recommend this to anyone who can actually afford it.


I really don’t like this. It’s so hard to use and the products is clumpy and thick making it so hard to apply. I also got it in the set with the mascaras and I know other people may have better luck with the full sized ones, I don’t know. Loads of people raved about this but I really don’t like it so I am not planning on buying the large one because it will be a waste of money if it sucks. I’d love to hear your opinion on this.


I thought I would end on a positive and that is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks that don’t only look good but they smell really good as well. I only have these two and I think they’re about £6 each (correct me if I’m wrong). I would love to get the 107 which everyone was talking about last year but I have similar coloured dupes so I only have these. People don’t talk about them as much as they used to but they’re really good lipsticks, would highly recommend.



What products have YouTube made you buy?

I’m also planning my December posts so is there anything you guys would like to see as I have no ideas?




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