November Favourites!

I actually can’t physically and mentally process the fact that November is already over. I can’t even.

It has gone WAYYY to fast and it’s basically December which also means that it is nearly Christmas, and I’m warning you that I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas so don’t expect loads of posts relating to it.

November has been a rollercoaster like every other month and I can’t think of anything huge that has happened aside being super busy at college with mocks etc. I have however been much more consistent with my blog uploading every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have some exciting news for y’all, I am planning on posting every other day like I used to! Shock horror, I know! But I love blogging so much and the response that I get from you guys is just astonishing, I’m so grateful so I want to show my happiness by posting more frequently.

I have also reached 200 followers and that is my Bloglovin followers and WordPress followers combined in only 5 months! It was my goal to reach 200 by the end of December and you guys have done it by the end of November which is just amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, YOU’RE THE BEST!

Here’s some of the things that I have been loving this month?


First things first (I’m the realest) I have been loving this nail polish from Leighton Denny that I got in the December issue of Elle which I am yet to read. It is in the shade Sink Into Mink which is a gorgeous nude/grey colour and these are such good nail polishes! They are normally £12 which is pricey but they are amazing and are very long lasting and leave a great glossy finish.


Next up is this super cute travel sized Benefit Roller Lash which I very recently mentioned in my post Products That YouTube Made Me Buy. I absolutely love this and it is up there with one of the best mascaras that I’ve used. It makes your lashes look so good by giving them loads of volume and length.


I have decided that it is socially exceptable to glitter on you face everyday so that is what I have been doing. When I say this I mean that I put it in the inner corner of my eye not literally all over my face. The only one I own is this one which is by W7 and I’m pretty sure it’s called Space Dust. I am planning on getting more glitter after Christmas so if anyone has any recommendations then please let me know.


I love me a gold/copper eyeshadow because it makes blue eyes look amazing (not to boast or anything) so I have been using this one loads lately and it is by Bourjois and is an identical colour to the packaging and it is called Bronze. It’s quite large in my opinion for an individual eyeshadow but I love this so much and it blends like a dream.


This is a very recent buy that I mentioned in my Extremely Small Black Friday Haul and it is from Collection and is called 20 Plum Sensation and I can’t even describe how much I love it. It is a gorgeous berry/red colour and I’ve worn it twice since buying it. It is matte and lasts all day! Even after eating only a tiny bit had come off so I would recommend reapplying it but Collection lipsticks are really long lasting.


Nearly finished I promise! Next up is this bath bomb from Lush that I dedicated a whole blog post too so feel free to check it out: Autumn Leaves Bath Bomb. I won’t go into too much detail here because you can read why I loved it on that post. Also I will say that they are actually still selling this when I thought that they weren’t (I saw then the other day in London Victoria train station) so I would recommend getting it before they stop selling it because it is amazing!


Finally is these adorable lip balm pots that a lovely friend of mine bought for me. They are from the Zoella beauty range and OMG these smell so good. I love vanilla scents so the rose gold tin is great and so is the red tin because it’s kind of different to normal lip balms in the way that it has a beautiful gold shimmer to it. I love the packaging so much as well. Her whole collection looks really good.



So that’s everything, what have you been loving this month?

Also if you have any post suggestions for December then feel free to let me know and I love to hear from you guys!




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