Ice Skating In London

Ice skating in London in the evening surrounded by hundreds of fairy lights is such a magical experience

I went to London on Monday for an educational photography trip (I’ll do a post on it a couple of days) but after being in the Victoria & Albert Museum for a while we thought it would be a good idea to go ice skating outside the Natural History museum just a couple of minutes away. At first I wasn’t going to go but then my friends persuaded me to go because I have never been skating in London and it looked like so much fun!

It is pricey I am not going to lie, I got a student rate so it was £9 (it’s usually like £13) and we only got half an hour as well because because we had to rush back to our group so we could catch the tube together. It was so worth it though!

Not to boast but I am pretty good at skating and the fact that I was with my friends as well made it even more fun. It wasn’t that crowded which was good and it also wasn’t full of kids who can’t skate which is a bonus because they’re kind of annoying. Can we also appreciate HOW BEAUTIFUL THE WHOLE RINK LOOKED! I wish I took more photos but you guys should totally follow me on Instagram because I always use Stories when I am doing something exciting like I was on Monday or just when I’m bored.

This was my outfit for the day and it’s taken on my friends Snapchat because I obviously didn’t want to bring my camera with me in case I fell (which I didn’t!) so it’s awful quality. However it is exactly the same outfit that I wore in THIS post with a couple of different things so feel free to check that out if you would like.


Top – New Look
Shirt (green checked one) – Charity shop
Jeans – Charity shop
Belt – (no idea)
Coat – New Look
Beanie – Charity shop)
Choker (metallic silver one) – New Look
Shoes (not the ice skates, but my black patent DMs) – Doctor Martens

Lipstick – Collection, 20 Plum Sensation

Do you like to go ice skating?




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