London Art Stuff

I love London. It is so photogenic and beautiful and filled with lots and lots of art stuff

Last Monday I went up to London with my photography class at college to go to an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts called Abstract Expressionism and then to the Victoria and Albert Museum to go and see whatever we wanted to. Me and a couple of others also went ice skating because why the hell not and if you want to see my outfit of the day for then then check outΒ THIS POST.

I do quite like looking at art despite the fact I don’t quite understand it but I don’t think it matters. So expressionism is all about painting to get across your feelings or mood and this means that when you look at the artwork it is very random and doesn’t normally portray anything. It is extremely open to interpretation which I like very much because it could look like anything. This particular exhibition featured paintings from the likes of Jackson Pollock, Rothko, Clyfford Still and so many others. I wasn’t allowed to take photographs of any of then of course but the exhibition is open until the 2nd January 2017 and is about Β£25 a ticket. It was very inspiring.

Then at the Victoria and Albert which is free entry, a group of us just wandered around looking at random things and we went to the photography section (as we are photography students) which was amazing and had a quick look around the fashion section. I would highly recommend going because you can see so much and it’s free but there are a few exhibitions that you have to pay for.

Finally we decided to end the amazing trip by going ice skating because why the hell not?! I took quite a few photos and for my current photography project I am doing documentary so I tried to do as much of that as possible which is hard because it’s about taking photos of things as they happen and that are not planned. I don’t like taking photos in public cause people always stare but I just need to keep practising and get over it. So I thought that I would share with you guys and gals today some of the pictures that I took cause I am very proud of them!




What is your favourite city?




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