The Statement Coat

Parka coats can move on over because this season it is all about the statement coat.

I have decided to jump in on this trend by treating myself to this GORGEOUS COAT that I picked up for only Β£15(!) in a vintage shop. It is a wool coat that is originally from Wallice so it probably would have been quite expensive but I got it for an absolute bargain and I love it so much. It is super warm as well and has super cute wooden buttons on it. It does have a couple of holes in it but they’re nothing that a needle and thread can’t fix. Excuse the awkward posing in front of my wardrobe…

So even though I am super busy with handling college work, my job and blogging I still try and find time to read through my growing collection of fashion magazines and I continue to buy them as well even though I really need to start saving my money.

Anywayyyyy in most magazines that I have flicked through in the recent months there have been whole sections and pages purely dedicated to the statement coat because they are everywhere at the moment. Everyone is still wearing there parka coats from last year (including me) but now it is the turn of the statement coat. I feel like the term “statement coat” is so vague because you could class any coat as being a statement but this season everyone is rocking the long coat. There is no particular colour scheme or material or style, it is just long.

I was reading a section all about these coats in the October edition of Vogue (with Victoria Beckham) and they show designers that have used an embroidered floral pattern, faux fur, vinyl and padded/puffa. So my new coat doesn’t really fit in with any of these but I would still definitely class it as one because it is bold and patterned. Miu Miu have done a gorgeous coat that is embroidered and the pattern looks like a cushion or sofa or something that you would see in your great grandparents (not trying to be rude) house with a large belt as well but surprisingly it looks so good and effective. They have paired it with a denim shirt dress and was worn by Gigi Hadid who can pull of absolutely anything. Things like this are on every catwalk show and I am loving it because they are using old fashioned prints that look ridiculous but are making them into something much more modern. I don’t think that I could pull this off however.

A huge trend this season that still fits in the statement coat thing is the puffa jacket. Now this is the sort of coat that I wore when I was like 3 and trust me Β there is a great photo of me in a bright pink one which I may show you guys one day. Anyway they are back and are bigger than ever. Quite literally. They’re getting larger and larger, brands are just filling them up with stuffing to the point where it looks as though it could pop if you touch it and looks like you are walking around wrapped up in a duvet. A stylish duvet. These don’t usually come in wild patterns but in more autumnal colours like orange/yellow/red. They are also long which is a modern update on the ones that were around like 10 years ago. I have to be honest and say that I don’t like them and although 3 year old me looked great in it, I don’t think that 16 year old me shall be rocking it.

Finally another huge trend that also links in with the statement coat is camel. By this I mean the colour because it is everywhere right now, not the animal… This season has been all about the nude/camel/ different shades of beige clothing and in particular I have seen them a lot in coats. This is yet another thing that I really like but couldn’t pull off because it only looks good on certain skin colours and not mine. It can look weird sometimes because when you walk past someone wearing that colour you have to do a double take as it looks like they are not wearing anything at first.

I don’t really feel as though I have much more to say about coats, I’m all coated out.



What coat are you wearing this season?




9 thoughts on “The Statement Coat

  1. I love your coat, it looks amazing – and such a bargain!
    I generally go more for warmth than fashion, because here in Newfoundland it’s gets bloody cold and is often very windy, so coats ideally need to be windproof. But my everyday windproof jacket is also a bright fuchsia colour, so at least I’m not too boring! πŸ˜‰

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