Baseball Boots and Silly Shirts

Silly is probably the wrong word to describe this amazingly tacky shirt but it fitted with the alliteration in the title.

I know I probably always say this but my outfits are so repetitive and I do apologise even though I shouldn’t because I can wear what I want and this is my blog. So I’m sorry not sorry.

Anyway, this was my outfit of choice for the day and you might think that I’m “silly” for wearing a cropped summer top in November (that’s when this was taken) but I went roller skating and I get really hot and sweaty so it was the best thing to wear even though it was freezing outside. I LOVE roller skating and roller discos SO much and there’s one in Eastbourne which we went to on this day after wandering into town because there’s no Primark in Hastings. We were skating for about 3 hours and it’s such a great form of exercise, I really want to get my own pair now so that I can skate along the seafront.

I also went for a wintery lipstick today because I got this one recently and I am absolutely in love with it and have featured it in a couple of recent posts (HereΒ andΒ here) and I’m never going to stop wearing it because I love it so much. I also wear these baseball boots and this shirt literally everyday despite the fact I have a wardrobe overflowing with clothes that I could wear but surely I can’t be the only one who wears the same clothes on repeat?! (I hope I’m not)


Top – H&M
Shirt – Charity shop
Jeans – H&M
Belt – (it’s my Mum’s)
Socks – Primark
Boots – Charity shop (originally Primark)
Handbag – New Look
Coat – New Look
Choker (silver metallic) – New Look

Lipstick – Collection, 20 Plum Sensation

What items of clothing do you wear on repeat? Do you like to go roller skating or even ice skating?




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