Beach Sunsets

Sunsets and sunrises look so much better at the beach. Well I wouldn’t know about sunrises because lets be real, no one is up that early…

On a Wednesday I finish college at 4:30 which quite late so it means I have to walk back in the dark but a few weeks ago when it got darker later I got to witness the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET EVER! I can’t even physically describe the beauty of it. I luckily had my camera on me from my photography lesson and I was planning on just taking photos of the pier for my photography mock so the sunset was an added bonus.

So I don’t know if you guys know but I live in Hastings which is on the South coast and the pier is Englands first 21st century pier so it doesn’t have an arcade and it doesn’t look really old fashioned either. It’s really modern and it completely open and empty aside from an art gallery thingy and a cafe/bar/fish and chip shop. If you want to see it properly then just google it.

I love these photos so much and I’m actually rather proud of them and think they look good (not to boast). Even though these photos are edited, this is genuinely what the sunset looked like and I’m so glad that I took these photos because it only lasted like 20 minutes and I haven’t since seen a sunset as beautiful as this.


Do you prefer the coast or the countryside?




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