Christmas Gift Guide For Those On A Budget

This is for everyone who doesn’t want to spend loads of money on people’s gifts for Christmas but they have to get presents for people.

I am one of those people.

I should also point out that I don’t really like Christmas, it has just become so commercial and all people care about is presents and I can’t describe how much I hate that. There’s more reasons but I can’t be asked to explain them. Everyone has lost the true meaning on Christmas, for me it’s all about family and I’m excited to spend the holidays seeing my family but I don’t care for presents. I don’t think I’m getting many this year and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I would much rather my family spent the money on more important things that they need rather than something I want. I am always so grateful for the gifts that people get me no matter how small they are.

Anyway… rant over now I shall get onto showing you guys some nice gift ideas that don’t cost much. All these gifts that are photographed are for my family but I know they are not reading this so it isn’t a problem. The others are just ideas I had but am not going to buy just for the purpose of this blog post. I always watch gift guide videos on YouTube and they ANNOY me so much because everything is way over £20 and I’m like “hell nah, we ain’t got that kind of money”. So these are very cheap things if you are on a budget or have to get someone something but you have no money.


Bath and shower set:
You can’t go wrong with a cute gift set for anyone and everyone because everyone uses either a bath or a shower. You can easily pick these up in Boots or Superdrug  and loads are on offer at the moment; I got this from Superdrug for £5 reduced from £10!


YouTube merch:
This is perfect for any teenager/child who watches YouTube because there is so much merchandise out there. I got this for a friend who loves Zoella, and it’s really affordable (£5) so I would highly recommend it.


Framed photograph:
Every family member loves receiving photographs from other family members so why not find a cute one of you or you and some siblings and stick it in a cute frame which you can pick up anywhere really cheaply. This is a range of frames that I got from The Range all of which were about £2.


I would only get this if you know people’s size but this is an amazing gift for a friend or your Mum (in my case) because you guys can be super cute in matching or different onesies. These are from Primark and range in price (about £12 depends on the design).

Again I would only get this if you know their style and size, so I would recommend a close friend. Loads of brands are having sales on at the moment so it is the perfect time to snatch some good deals on some super cute items of clothing. You could only spend £10 and something really cute.


You can never own too many mugs. I for one own a lot and you can pick them up super cheaply. This one is from Primark and was only £2 and shall go super well with my Mum’s zebra onesie as well.

I for one would love to receive books and I know they can be expensive but Waterstones do a buy one get one half price deal so you could get 2 for about £15 which isn’t that bad. However I would only recommend this if you know what they like or they’ve given you a list of books that they want.

You can’t fail with this because everyone loves chocolate and if you don’t then you are weird (no offense). Pop into Poundland and get loads and I love to put them with another gift (like a bath set) as a another little cute gift.

I would only use this as a last resort because it is much nicer to give people things that they can open and I know not everyone will appreciate it as much but it’s just a suggestion.

If you don’t want to gift money which is understandable then just get a £10 gift voucher because literally every single shop offers them so you are bound to find a brand that someone will like. These are good if you have no idea what to get someone.

This is my final idea, you could treat someone special to a meal if you have a bugger budget or even to coffee and cake which I think is a really nice idea. This would be nice for a friend that you haven’t seen in a while and it depends where you go but you can do this quite cheaply.


These are just ideas, you don’t have to use them but if you do then yaaaay! I know that Christmas shopping can be hard because its tough deciding what to get people and plus everyone is different and has different tastes and it can be hard to find something that they would like. I am personally very hard to buy for because I have a very weird taste in fashion and read particular books and would much rather go out for something nice than receive something… Well it depends on what it is but a lot of time I would rather money because then I can get something that I actually want/need.


How’s your Christmas shopping going so far? Let me know if this post was actually useful!




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