Dancing In My Denim Dungaree Dress

Me dancing on a pier in my beanie, dungarees and Doctor Martens sums me up perfectly!

I have decided that I wear jeans and a baggy top tucked in way too much, so I would like to start wearing different things such as dresses. Maybe this could be a new years resolution for me?

This was my outfit for the day when we decided to just go for the walk to the pier and have a coffee. It was pretty cold hence the layering and I have no idea why I’m dancing but that’s just how I roll. I got some pretty weird looks from other people on the pier but oh well, I don’t care because I am very used to people staring at me now.

I don’t really have anything else to say about this day or this outfit cause it was a pretty chill Sunday, just relaxing and playing a bit of guitar. One thing I do love about this outfit is these socks. Look at them. They’re freakin amazing! No more words.

Also shoutout to the women standing behind me while I was dancing who I can tell was silently judging me…

Top – Charity shop but originally SoulCal
Shirt – Charity shop but originally River Island
Dungaree dress – TKMax
Beanie – Charity shop but originally M&S
Tights – (Probably) Primark
Coat – New Look
Socks – No idea…
Shoes – Doctor Martens
Choker – New Look
Bag – New Look


What items of clothing sum you up perfectly?




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