What’s In My Dressing Table

Something a little different today, I thought I would show you guys my dressing table.

I thought about doing a whats in my bag post but there’s nothing in there so I thought that this would be more interesting because I spend too much time watching YouTube and haven’t seen anyone do this. They probably have.

Anyway this shall be a long post, just warning you now, and I have photographed all of the draws and shall just say what’s in each one. You would be reading this all day if I went through each individual item and I would have lost the will to live writing it. I hope you enjoy this little Christmas treat for y’all because it’s a little insight into my room and the make up I own and wear.


This is my dressing table which is in an alcove in the corner of my room by the window for good lighting, of course. I would tell you where it’s from but honestly I don’t know, it was very kindly given to me by a family friend and it’s an antique to it’s extremely old and the drawers frequently get stuck which is annoying. But it’s so gorgeous and is the perfect size and I love the mirror as well.

On the right is my guitar which I sometimes attempt to play. As you can also see there’s loads of boxes around and underneath which is all of my sewing stuff and material and fabric and many other art related things because I do textiles so I need a lot of that stuff. Fun fact I actually made that green bag (with help).


Around the mirror I have some fairy lights from Primark because no dressing table is complete without some in my opinion. I also have some random paper hearts because I thought they looked cute.


So on the left hand draw thing I keep all my extremely dirty make up brushes, my foundation because it doesn’t fit anywhere else. Also I keep my highlighter on here as well because I broke the lid, stupidly, and it’s so beautiful that I don’t want to get rid of it so it lives here. I also have two super cute Zoella lip balms that a friend kindly bought me.


In the drawer beneath it I keep my face products, so my powders, bronzers, highlighters, concealers, primers, blushers, eyebrow stuff and eyebrow gel. I mainly use the stuff on the top so everything below never gets used which is bad…

In the middle between the two drawers I keep more make up. The mug and mason jar and from ESK and I keep my mascaras and eyeliners in them and there’s some random cute honey jars that I’m still finding a use for. Then in the flower box I keep my extensive collection of chokers and there’s one in front because it broken. So I would NOT recommend buying choker from New Look cause that’s the second one of mine that’s broke. Finally in the Nero cup I have cotton buds.


Also on the top is a couple of dishes that I bought in the charity shop and they keep some of my necklaces as well as too many earrings. I also have a cute lil photo frame with me and Mum in at my prom πŸ™‚


Then on the right hand side on top of the drawer I keep random stuff like a few perfumes I own that are nearly empty and a couple of my favourite nail polishes. Then a tub of vaseline which is essential to any dressing table. I also have my Brighton Pride wristband and a super cute beaded wristband and a tub of wacky earrings.


In the little draw beneath that I keep all of my individual eyeshadows, as you can see I like gold. Then I keep all of my lipsticks and all other lip products as well a couple of lip balms.


Now moving onto the actual table itself and this is the left hand drawer at the top where I keep all of my hair products. As you can see I have a large collection of flower crowns and scrunchies which I really need to start wearing again. Then there’s also the boring stuff like hairbands, hairclips, bobby pins in the green tin and my trusty tangle teezer. Finally there’s some bandanas and a cute lil bow.

Sooo onto the next drawer which is random stuff. Starting off with make up wipes, a manicure set and all of my nail polishes and I also have some nail polishes. Finally there’s all of my eye shadow palettes, especially my trusty Fortune Favours The Brave palette.

This is the second to the last drawer and the first of the bigger ones. So this keeps all of my beauty things in like my moisturisers, hair straighteners, E45 cream which is a life saver if you have eczema, tablets, body butters, honestly the list goes on. There’s also conditioner from when I dyed my hair and if you’re wondering what’s in the bag then it’s lady things and I don’t even need to say what because you all know.

Final drawer. Which looks a mess I know but it is an organised mess I promise. So on the right hand side is loads of random make up bags, canvas bags, plastic bags. So basically bags. On the left hand side is all of my electronics and leads and various camera equipment and basically stuff that I don’t want lying about. I had space so I shoved them in here.


So that’s it and if you got to the end then I give you a virtual clap. If you want more detailed posts, like my make up collection or anything else then let me know.

Do you have dressing table?




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