2017 Goals

It’s that time of year where we set ourselves  list of New Years Resolutions that we will forget about after a month despite telling ourselves that we would stick to them like glue.

There’s no point in even trying to deny it because it happens to everyone. Every year.

Including me, the most organised person ever. I don’t even know what mine were for this year… I remember writing it in a notebook but I moved a few months ago so I’m pretty sure it got left at my old house with the rest of my stuff (a member of my family lives there, so I’ll get it back one day). I’m pretty sure one of them was something to do with doing well in my GCSEs and not to boast, I think I did pretty well. Another one was to do with actually exercising because I write it every year and never stick to it. However since I have moved, I have done so much more exercise than I used to because I walk everywhere. I have a long walk to college every day and I have actually started running, I’m so proud of myself.

So for next year instead of set New Year’s Resolutions I have decided to give myself 10 broad goals that I’m hoping I don’t forget about and that I actually stick to them. These are in no particular order by the way. I shall come back to this post in a year and see how I actually did.


  1. Worry less

    This is something I don’t talk about but I do get anxious a lot over little stupid things and I do get panic attacks but not very often. In the last three months my mental health has  not been great with lots of unhappy things happening and me worrying about the pointless things. (I’m not going into detail cause it’s personal). So I want to worry less which is going to be very hard and it will take time but I would like to get to a point where I can go out and do things without that horrible anxious feeling inside.

  2. Keep up running

    So I have briefly mentioned this before but I started running in the middle of November and surprisingly I have managed to keep it up for about 6 weeks which is saying something for me cause I give things up easily. I only go like once or twice a week but in my eyes that is better than not going and I can run considerably further than when I first started. I would love to keep this up throughout the whole of 2017.

  3. Learn to drive

    For those who didn’t know I am 16 and I turn 17 in March. I want to learn to drive as soon as possible because it gets it out-of-the-way and then I don’t have to worry about it during university. So my aim is to do it before the end of the year and I have already saved up so much money and I have some work in the new year which will help. I’m not planning on buying a car, just learning how to drive.

  4. Appreciate things more

    Not  having WiFi for 9 weeks (Read my post on it here) really made me think about things more. But unfortunately since getting it I have gone back to having my face glued to my phone which is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. I just want to appreciate everything and everyone around me more because I have such wonderful friends, family and work colleagues and even though I don’t have much, I have enough and I’m incredibly grateful for all of that. This one is very hard to describe so I’m hoping you kind of understand the point I am making.

  5. Spread positivity

    I would say that I am reasonably positive, and I have my moments where I’m negative but we all do. There are certain things that I get really negative about like college work and sometimes body image. So I really want to have a more positive outlook on these things because I am doing so well at college and I’m so proud of myself but I really get myself down before tests and stuff. Everybody has days where they think they’re fat even though I know I’m not. Therefore I would love to be more positive about my life even with everything going wrong and spread that to other people through social media and just the things that I say.

  6. Be more confident

    This actually links in with worrying less about what I look like and stuff as well as just having more general confidence in myself to go out and do things I wouldn’t normally do. Due to this blog I have become more confident as I am posting pictures of myself in some weird outfits and I’m always scared of hate but not as much as I was and you guys are the best. Also because of my job where I have to talk to strangers I have become much more confident already, so I’m hoping to continue to increase my confidence. I love to dress like myself as opposed to what everyone else dresses like.

  7. Keep on top of college work

    If there’s one I won’t stick too it will probably be this because I am doing 2 coursework subjects and I am always behind on work. I don’t mean to be but I procrastinate and it just sits there not getting done and college is so unbelievably important so I need to get all my coursework done before the deadline which is going to be a challenge but I can do it. I need to have confidence in myself.

  8. Work hard

    This links in with the last point because college is so much more important than secondary school so I need to work my absolute butt off to get the grades that I want to go to university. This doesn’t just have to link to college it is everything and anything. Even my job which isn’t that challenging but it is important that I keep up the hard work there.

  9. Think about the future

    Not going to lie, the future terrifies me. University, driving, moving out, and the list goes on. But all of this is slowly creeping up on me so I need to plan ahead and I love planning so much. So I need to start looking at driving lessons, universities, how much things are going to cost etc etc. Even though thinking about it makes me kinda anxious, it’s something I need to face.

  10. Live in the moment

    I know this one totally juxtaposes what I just said but let me explain. As I’ve said I worry too much about everything which does stop me doing some things if I’m honest, so I need to live in the moment more and take opportunities that come up because otherwise I will regret them. I don’t want to let the image of what the future will hold take over, I still need to leave lots of room to think about now and go out and live more because I spend too much time on my own in my room.


So overall I just need to get my head in the game [ 😉 ] and make 2017 as best as it possibly can be! I said that about 2016 but lets be real  here, it’s been a rubbish year…

Also I would like to wish every single one of you guys and gals a very Merry Christmas, I hope that you have the most wonderful day whatever you do and where ever you go! I shall try my best to do a post on Boxing day


What are your goals for 2017?





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