Walking In My Onesie

A Christmas tradition for a lot of people is to go for a walk. Me and my Mum put a twist on that by going in our onesies.

We got so many stares and even a couple of people came up and questioned our choice of outfit and our response that followed was simply “because why not?!” You only live once!

We also did a little photoshoot on the beach so I thought that I would show you the pictures cause I really love them and I should also point out that it was absolutely freezing outside and very windy.

This wasn’t actually a Christmas present from anyone. Basically, I bought my Mum one as a present because she wanted one and then I was like, “why not get one for myself?” because they’re not that expensive and we always had this idea to go for a walk in our onesies. Also this one has FREAKING DISNEY PRINCESSES ON and I love Disney so I just had to get it!

Finally I won’t be doing a what I go for Christmas post because I hate those videos and posts. It just gives people a chance to show off everything and I don’t like that because there are some people, like me, who got hardly anything but who don’t care about presents because Christmas is about Β so much more than that. All people care about nowadays is presents which is stupid.

Anyway on to more positive things. Me embarrassing myself in public.


Onesie – Primark
Boots – Doctor Martens
Handbag – New Look
Choker – New Look
Coat – New Look

After going for this glorious walk we crashed in front of the TV watching Top Of The Pops, Bake Off and of course Doctor Who. We ended the night by watching Home Alone, before going to bed at 10pm cause we were shattered.

Christmas is about making new tradition and it looks like this shall be ours πŸ™‚

I hope you all had the most wonderful day ever however you chose to spend it. Here’s to a great new year!

What fun things did you get up to yesterday?




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